RoboCop (1987)

I was originally going to watch this movie in the background, thinking I had seen most of it before. It's one of those movies that played on tv every so often when I was a kid. But apparently I had only seen a couple of scenes, like the introduction of ED-209 and RoboCop removing his helmet.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie.

Instant Comments:
The movie starts off with a dated look. Then there's the 209 unit which looks cool. I wonder how they did that part.
When we get to where RoboCop starts fighting crime, that's cool.
I assume for the sake of the movie, the explosion destroyed the disc. Either that or the detectives wouldn't be looking for that as evidence. Speaking of which, there's no mention of the fact the vice president of OCP was murdered. Haha. I suppose in the long scheme of the movie, it doesn't matter.
Lol, the scene with the robot trying to walk down the stairs is funny. Looks like stop-motion.
Love the ending. From RoboCop taking out 209 to "Murphy."

The credits mention stop-motion for the ED-209 crew.

Watched 20111030 (Netflix, Instant) (English subtitles)
RoboCop (1987) Paul Verhoeven. 102 min.

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