Marley & Me (2008)

The movie is about a family and life with their dog Marley.

Overall, the movie is funny and has minimal drama.

I would recommend the movie if you love dogs or if you're just looking to watch a happy movie. Possible spoiler: part of the ending can be a little sad, but it's followed with an upbeat note.


Instant Comments:
Alan Arkan
awww... Marley sprawled on the floor eating the kibble.
lol "Why is that funny to you?"
LOLOLOL literal. "Marley you can't go through the screen door..."
lol Marley walking on his front legs outside the car...
hahaha awkward
"I'm a dog person but that's not a dog. That is a..."
lol Marley ripping through that bone...
"Whose dog is that?"
"Well, sometimes life comes up with a better idea."
Doubled salary!
"Daddy said her name is Whoops"
aww, when the one boy says goodbye it's pretty sad.
while all the parts in the movie on their own were kind of here and there, it really all added up to feeling so much emotion at the end. about 1 hr 45 min.

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Watched 20110525 (McNaughton Plan from the Eisenhower Library) (English subtitles)
Marley & Me (2008) David Frankel. 115 min [bot memoir otsn (2005) by John Grogan]

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