Cyrus (2010)

In this movie, I liked the way the camera pans in and out or cuts back and forth between the characters. This might not work for you, but I enjoyed it. It gave the film an extra organic feel. It reminds me of the camera movement in The Office. In general, the film has a great flow to it. One technique that gave it this feel was putting dialogue over scenes.

The core cast is solid: John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill, Marisa Tomei, and Catherine Keener.

I didn't realize but Keener was the actress who played Maxine in Being John Malkovich (1999) and Tomei was the actress who played Linda in Anger Management (2003).

If you're itching to watch a romantic comedy, and don't mind it being a little creepy now and then, check this film out.

Favorite Lines:
Scene 6:
John: Sounds like Steve Miller. You know that one Steve Miller song.
Cyrus: No it doesn't.
Scene 10:
[Cyrus takes a picture of John]
John: What are you doing?
Cyrus: Your hair. The lights in your hair in this great way. It's like a crippled tree reaching for heaven.

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Instant Comments:
sounds like steve miller song... no
your hair the lights in your it's like a crippled tree reaching for heaven
[lol cyrus starts screaming]
[lol lol... creepy and funny]
Haha: Jonah mouths "F U"

Special Features Watched:
Watched the two deleted scenes with Introduction by Directors/Writers Jay and Mark Duplass.
Puppet Movie. Funny, but I couldn't see it fitting.
Cyrus Party. As the directors tell us, if it were put in the film, it would take away from the interaction between Cyrus and John.
Watched the theatrical trailer. I think I saw part of this trailer on tv back when the film was being released, and I recall the film wasn't appealing to me. I'm glad I eventually decided to watch the film.
Sneak Peeks. Joneses. Possibly interesting. Knight and Day. I wanted to watch this movie when I saw the trailer, but I don't know why I didn't get around to watching it. Never Let Me Go. Looks more interesting than Joneses, but also a little confusing and scary.

Watched 20110501
Cyrus (2010) Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass. 91 min.

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