Shutter Island (2010)

It was the last day Shutter Island was showing at the Charter. Watched the 10 o'clock PM showing, which ended at about 12:30 AM.
First, I loved the lighting of the movie.
Second, I loved how some of the scenes were done creatively and elegantly.
Third, I will state that no scenes in this movie made me jump. And after watching the movie, I believe the movie never intends to make anybody jump. It does intend to keep the viewer in suspense, and its possible it might succeed in making some people jump. For example, one scene that could have easily been made scary, was done in a manner that reduces its impact on the viewer.
Fourth, two titles I noticed in the credits were dialect something and water safety. It was probably dialect coach or dialect instructor. In any case, the credits were flashed instead of scrolled.
Fifth, it's interesting to watch this movie after Memento (2000), because this movie, like Memento, is part of the mystery and thriller genre.

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Released 20100219.
Watched 20100527 @ Regency Charter Centre $3
Shutter Island (2010) Martin Scorsese.

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