Citizen Kane (1941)

The movie began with a property called Xanadu. The scene, however, seemed out of place and I briefly wondered if I put in the right disc.* However, the story continued and presented itself as a puzzle revolving around the word "Rosebud."

As more and more clues were presented, I began to feel sorry for Charles Foster Kane (Orson Welles). In the end, the missing piece of the puzzle is given to us, the viewer, and only us.

*There was another disc called The Battle Over Citizen Kane, but that is a documentary of some sort.

During my first viewing, I fell asleep from the end of Scene #15* ("Susan Alexander") to the beginning of Scene #22* ("Singing Lessons"). I did, however, catch "I'm gonna send you to Sing Sing!" during Scene #17* ("Love nest confrontation"), but only to fall back asleep. After finishing the movie, I watched the scenes that I missed.

Unfortunately, after watching the movie, I read parts of the Wikipedia page on Citizen Kane and my opinion on the movie was heavily influenced.

It was, however, a good movie which was only interrupted by my sleeping. In particular, it was interesting to have a movie told in flashbacks, especially after recently watching the LOST finale (last Saturday) and Memento (2000). While flashbacks were part of Season 1 of LOST, and Memento wasn't exactly dealing in flashbacks, each approached traditional methods of its own genre in fresh ways, as Citizen Kane apparently did.

Putting aside what I read about the movie, the movie's presentation was wonderful. In addition, the end of the movie was a surprising one, just don't look through the scene selections if you don't want to ruin the ending.

On a different note, the next oldest movie I have watched is 12 Angry Men (1957) which is still 16 years after Citizen Kane (1941).** But it's hard to compare the two. 12 Angry Men takes place in entirely one set and presents itself in a straightforward manner. It also relies a lot more on tension and character interaction. With Citizen Kane, the tension and drama is spread out.***

Overall, I enjoyed 12 Angry Men more. From movies I have logged so far, I would guess Citizen Kane got a 95% and 8.5, i.e., tying No Country for Old Men (2007); but I would place it below The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), i.e., currently fourth top movie.****

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*The scene selection divides the movie into 31 scenes - with the 31st being "Cast and End Credits."
**20101206: As of today, the oldest movie I have seen is The Last of the Mohicans (1920) and I've additionally seen various movies made in the 1930's.
**20151020: As of today, the oldest movie I have seen is A Trip to the Moon (1902). It is, however, only 13 minutes long, which is about as short as a cartoon segment.
***Haha, Roger Ebert had this to say on Rotten Tomatoes about 12 Angry Men: "This is a film where tension comes from personality conflict, dialogue and body language, not action."
****20151020: I'm pretty sure I'm referencing some list I made, but I'm not sure which.

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Watched 20100530 @ Home (DVD)
Citizen Kane (1941) Orson Welles*. 119 min
*Also produced by Orson Welles, written by Herman J. Mankiewicz and Orson Welles, and starred Orson Welles.

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