About a Boy (2002)

Plot Overview:
Will Freeman (Hugh Grant) meets a boy named Marcus (Nicholas Hoult).

Will Freeman (Hugh Grant)

I liked the movie. I think Hugh Grant is funny. The clothing Marcus wears is hilarious. I don't know whether Marcus or Will is funnier. In any case, the relationship between them was nicely performed by Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult, respectively.

Memorable Moments:
"Shake Ya Ass!" Haha.
"Killing Me Softly."

Marcus Brewer (Nicholas Hoult)

[20100524][20191213 Edit]

On 20191213, Netflix determined the movie for me as a 86% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

Watched 20100518 (Netflix)
About a Boy (2002) Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz. 101 min [botnotsn (1998) by Nick Hornby]

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