Chilean Gothic (2000)

Prior to watching these DVDs, my friend (a fan of H.P. Lovecraft) had me read the short story Pickman's Model.

Josh and I watched this on the H.P. Lovecraft Collection Volume 4 Pickman's Model. Some parts were weird, but there's the right atmosphere that I get from watching this movie, which is only loosely based on the book, that I didn't get from reading the story. Perhaps I couldn't visualize the story fully. In any case, the movie isn't scary, more of creepy. The ending is great.

After we watched Chilean Gothic, we watched a 2003 short directed by Giovanni Furore, Pickman's Model.

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Watched 20100110 @ Home
Chilean Gothic (2000) Ricardo Harrington. 45 min [bot story Pickman's Model by H.P. Lovecraft]

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