12 Angry Men (1957)

What a great movie. The movie is black and white. I love how various scenes are set aside to set the mood or give the viewer a way into the minds of the characters. I had seen about half of it before, but it was so long ago that I decided to watch it again from start to finish.

The movie really keeps your attention. Part of it is the vote which is taken periodically, and you really wonder who might get swayed or not. And as the vote changes, the suspense of the movie builds and builds. And all the suspense is really released at the right moment and in the right way.

And of course, the movie really puts out the ideal process that should occur in our justice system. Now I wouldn't really know how well our justice system works or doesn't, but somehow I feel this wouldn't be a great movie unless the actual system was more like the the first half of the movie, where the majority are apathetic, want to be done with the ordeal, and don't consider much of the evidence too closely. Or perhaps, another way to put it, is too easily swayed (i.e. sheep). Which sort of helps the lone wolf in his mission to examine the case more closely, but unfortunate as you would imagine lawyers picking jury members based on how easily they may be swayed.

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I compare "Citizen Kane" to "12 Angry Men" a little bit in my "Citizen Kane" post.

Watched 1st half 200XXXXX @ Home
Watched 20100103 @ Home
12 Angry Men (1957) Sidney Lumet. 96 min. [adapted ft teleplay otsn (1954) by Reginald Rose]

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