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I finished the last episode of the season last week with Ada. I believe I did not take any notes and I'm trying to recall notable moments or open questions:
- Sabine is able to use the force to recall her lightsaber
- Sabine only used the force successfully that one time and Ezra has enough trust in her to force push him the rest of the way
- Sabine decides to stay behind with Ahsoka (I actually didn't have any inkling that she would, but I'm glad she did)
- Thrawn ditched Morgan Elsbeth. Though she loyally accepts the decision.
- Speaking of Elsbeth, she was given some sort of extra powers by the witches but it didn't really do her any good, nor did the seemingly special blade they conjured. She did seem to put up a good fight. Honestly, I don't even remember how she lost. I only remember the one Nightsister sensing that it happened. So while I'm glad Sabine and Ahsoka triumphed. It was certainly underwhelming. [Watching their fight on YouTube, I'm reminded that Elsbeth even chopped one of Ahsoka's blades! Only to be followed by Ahsoka disarming her and slicing her with both her remaining lightsaber and the weapon. Will Ahsoka be keeping Elsbeth's weapon (Blade of Tanzin)?]
- Shin wants to join these random people? Lead them?
- What does Baylon Skoll wish to do?
- Sabine senses something. It is revealed to be Anakin. I had thought she sensed something in the distance
- Why would Ezra choose to leave the ship in the Night Trooper uniform when he could have just come out with his helmet off?

Overall, the ending was underwhelming. I guess part of the problem was I had assumed this show was a miniseries that would come to a conclusion by its end, and so it was a surprise that it instead ended in a major cliffhanger, setting up for something larger: Thrawn has successfully made his way back and Ahsoka and Sabine are stranded. So perhaps whatever Baylan is seeking will be part of the answer? Is there just going to be a fork in the story where Ezra and Hera take care of Thrawn while Ahsoka and Sabine deal with Baylan Skoll? Though as a sequel to Rebels, which I haven't seen, it would be weird for only Ezra and Hera deal with Thrawn without Sabine.

Worded differently, usually season finales have a stronger sense of closure or cliffhanger, but this season finale had neither. We neither get a strong feeling that this show could be ended without another season nor the strong feeling that there will definitely be another season. Instead we get a weak feeling that the show must continue because there is so much on the table.

1: all the tech and the communication is just a signal & message as opposed to visual communication
1: still bold [or perhaps arrogant is the better word] this captain to approach these persons even if he believed they are not Jedi
1: this actress playing Morgan looks familiar [but I did not recognize any of her works]
1: hmm close call. good thing the robot announced self detonation :p
1: [Grand] Admiral Thrawn. I don't remember who he is. Also I dont remember why a map would give a position of someone even if they move [this reddit thread explains that it isn't really a map to Thrawn; instead it is a map to a place which would be difficult to get to. but separately perhaps with Morgan's power it could track Thrawn's location][20230916: the answer is more clear in later episodes]
1: hehe the droid gets freaked out
1: ah. the map was retrieved from Dathomir [oh actually Arcana]
1: okay... so the plot is being revealed slowly to us. Sabine was Ahsoka's former padowan.
1: Baylan Skoll
1: 50/50 chance Sabines leaves with the map
1: "she's Mandolorian"
1: "I bet your master found you difficult at times"
1: hmm... right reasons wrong consequences
1: hmm. where's the evil apprentice?
A: rewatched end from where she discovers how to unlock the map. because Ada hadn't seen that part. 1: oh yeah I forgot to mention it before. I thought the first time she opened her box that she would rummage a lightsaber
1: a character this rich surely wouldn't be killed or wounded but I assume the evil apprentice would be more skilled for story purposes (I didn't have time to finish my thought as Sabine gets stabbed... and I think that's logical. but in conclusion I doubt she's dead, especually as Ahsoka arrived) [oh actually also because she saw the location of the map which is now gone. so if she died, it be hard for the plot to continue]
A: when she's fighting after she got stabbed she kind of holds up her saber defending her position until the other girl leaves as Ahsoka approaches
1: it seems Sabine is shown staring at a helmet so... I guess that spoils not knowing for sure if she's alive hehe
1=20230827, A=20230902

A: Rewatching the second episode of Ahsoka because Ada didn't watch it yet
1: Ahsoka wants to recover the droid...
1: cryptic answer as to why they are motivated to find Thrawn. he was banished there? bringing him back will start war? they will get power by finding him?
1: smile. lowest aptitude of them all
A: oh, in her videomail to Ahsohka, she said "I'm ready"
1: "I'm ready"
1: "nice haircut"; A: "nice haircut" "it's more me" (in the mural she also has short hair)
1: "take us out... padawan"
1: "to kill her would be a shame, so few jedi left" "sentimental?" "truth"
1=20230828, A=20230903

Very different from what Luke displayed in his connection with the Force.
Haha. "What you said didn't helped"
"A long line of non-traditional Jedi"
Haha. "You win this round." Camera turns back to the cup.
"Are you cross-wired?"
Smile. "Scan complete." followed by a boom.
Lol What a badass. Out in a spacesuit vs. three fighters.
Takes a fighter down.
"Sabine, did you fix the ship yet?"

in this recap, I felt like the one evil apprentice didn't do too well to shoot them down. I suppose at the same time it was Ahsoka flying
"is that a note of fear in your voice?" "experience"
"you will regret this decision"; based on Huyang's recommendation they stay together I would agree.
lol i think once read a meme about their cloaks
she told Ahsoka so sincerely that she could count on her. I thought 80% she would destroy it but I guess I wasn't think about the progression of the story. the gate has to work for the story
interesting overhead shot. what was the location for this?
huh how mysterious... where is Ahsoka. is she gonna get to speak to Anakin?
subtitles say the Vader theme plays

Ada wondered how many episodes there were. I looked it up and learned how many.
I wonder what kind of CGI is involved for Anakin? in this scene it looks a little unnatural
hehe "I told them to stay together"
his name is Jacen. sounds familiar [20230917: yes, so in fact the name comes from Jacen Solo, a character who was in the expanded universe, which has all been categorized as being Star Wars Legends. The executive producer of Star Wars Rebels, Dave Filoni, chose the name in honor and reference of the character Jacen Solo: see the behind the scenes section of the Jacen Syndulla page on Wookieepedia]
Huyang says Jacen's father's name but I didn't recognize it [20230917: apparently those who've watched Star Wars Rebels would understand a lot of the names in this series: Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, and C1-1OP (a.k.a. Chopper)]
young Ahsoka
huh this Anakin in the past looks more natural
huh, a flash of Vader
"I gave you a choice. live or die." "no." "incorrect"
in this shot - after she wakes up - it's much more clear the [organs] on top of her head are a part of her, i.e., directly attached to her head [20230917: I had made a comment in Mandalorian where I said the design choice made it seem as if those organs were just a headpiece]. when she exits the ship she is back to wearing a headband
huh how is she gonna do that? climb inside a whale? [little did I know...]
is there a significance to the helmet being left behind?
Ahsoka looks up a the purgills
lol "get us in"

choice, fate, and force
smile. Huyang's story starts with "a long time ago... in a galaxy far far away"
as they arrive, I wonder how they would get back from where they came from with the map destroyed
hehe the evil apprentice comments "more witches". this must be the third or so time she's made this type of remark about the witchcraft

reference to Mandolorian
the more this guy talks the more I feel he's secretly on the enemy's side
C-3P0 and reference to Leia
well that's one way to know they're in the right place (minefield)
he has a quote about defeat ["One parting lesson, Shin. Impatience for victory will guarantee defeat."][Apparently this is a quote of King Louis XIV]
"I don't have time for this"
black vs white
lol convo between Ezra and Sabine:
Ezra: "What's the plan?"
Sabine: "Here, do your thing." (tries to hand him the lightsaber)
Ezra: "What thing?"
Sabine: "It's your lightsaber. Take it."
Ezra: "You keep it."
Sabine: "What?"
Ezra: "I don't need it. Besides, you've been training."
Sabine: "Very funny."
Ezra: "No I'm serious."
Sabine: "Take it."
Ezra: "I gave it to you. It's yours now."
Sabine: "At least take a blaster."
Ezra: "No, the Force is my ally. That's all I need."
Sabine: "Well, I'm gonna need more than that."
hmm... why would he pull back troops... wouldn't have distracting Ahsoka longer have been better?



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