Ada watched episodes 1 through 7 of Wednesday. I watched episodes 5 and 7 with her.

Today I started watching the show myself.

20230127 AM:
I initially stopped after the fourth episode, but eventually decided to come back for one more. I had, however, seen the majority of this episode already. With that being said, I rewatched many parts which made more sense in scope of the first four episodes. I skipped two or three scenes which I felt didn't need to be rewatched (e.g., Gomez's and Morticia's telling of the encounter with Garrett Gates).
"Wednesday's child is full of woe" []
Hehe. She removed color on her half
Well at least it seems like she read Edin's vlog
Wednesday has a black outfit...
Wow. I didn't expect such delightful action choreography to occur
Hehe. She was sleeping with her arms crossed.
She has this interesting smirk after she says "I'd heard muffled screams. I just figured your godmother somehow cheated death and was trying to claw her way out."
How did it happen that the piranha targeted the specific boy? [oh, rewatching the relevant parts, the entire team had bullied her brother, and I guess only one of them was unlucky enough not to leave the pool quickly enough]
Haha. "I sent her a 'thank you'." Scene plays. "I've always been open to constructive criticism."
Hehe. "Steam-powered guillotine"
Smile. "Boo!"
More action!
"We all die alone, Enid"
"Tears don't fix anything"
"Oh yeah, who's the lucky guy... or girl?"
"You're not scary. You're just kinda... kooky." "I prefer spooky."; these two lines reference the first part of "The Addams Family" theme song: "They're creepy and they're kooky | Mysterious and spooky | They're all together ooky | The Addams family"
Because I watched some of the show with Ada, I know who this monster is... So I'll be viewing this episodes and those ahead with a different/spoiled lens "As much as it pains me to admit, you were right, Mother. I think I'm going to love it here." Her smirk turns into a smile - somewhat sinister in nature.
Season preview.

What!?! Rowan appeared
Hehe. A note only dogs can hear.
Huh. I thought the principal was there when Rowan showed up. Oh wait... Wednesday had asked the principal to leave. How convenient.
Smile. "I have a very big smoker, and I handle it like a pro. Would you like to see it?"
"I act if I don't care if people dislike me. Deep down... I secretly enjoy it."
Lol. Why would they blame each other when clearly their boat moved due to something external.
Hehe. Enid willing to play dirty.
Creepy. "You are the key."
"WWWD. What would Wednesday do?"
For "there are no rules," the groups didn't really play so dirty.
This book that the statue is holding. Will that be it?
Hehe. SNAPTWICE. Another reference to "The Addams Family" theme song. She snaps in a way that's the same as that in the song.
"Luckily I'm not afraid of the dark."
Credits: Christina Ricci. I didn't recognize Mrs. Thornhill as being Christina Ricci. Reflecting, I think the glasses make a huge difference.

Hahaha. Wednesday is full of surprises and keeps dealing the punches. In under five minutes, she rejected to join their club, untied herself, threatened to give a member a black eye, and insults them for their poor job of kidnapping.
Joseph Crackstone look exactly like the coffee shop kid
When Enid smiled, she looked familiar. [Without looking it up, but thinking about it later at 28 min mark, I would guess she either is or looks similar to the character in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Looking it up, the character I was thinking of is Carmelita Spats played by Kitana Turnbull. The two actresses looknothing alike. Enid is played by Emma Myers, and I don't recognize any of her prior work.]
Looking for it. I can see Cristina Ricci in Mrs. Thornbill, but only by really focusing.
This wax status of Joseph Crackstone does not look like the coffee house kid
Oh. I thought the ghost girl was somehow her
Hehe fake looks up.
"Goody Addams."
Interesting. It seems the picture wasn't a look into the future, but into the past. [Wednesday later narrates that she still considers the picture a part of the future]
What a vivid vision.
I had a small jump from the creature popping out (after "Must have been that beared man from earlier"?)
Hehe. He stoned himself.
Various persons shown throughout the ending. And unfortunately, as I mentioned before, I know who the monster is. So I can see... where the writers are trying to mislead the viewer
B=1=20230127 12AM

Inhales. "Magnificient hematoma."
"Full rigor."
"Five more minutes."
Haha. "Fetch the smelling salts. Again."
What an odd thing to draw. Multiple drawings of the monster. If he were the monster, how would he draw himself?
Love their silhouettes against their respective window halves.
Hmm. His explanation is somewhat believable. Except... why would he dream about the monster?
Huh. Ajax blew it with Enid? There was no explaining his mistake? (He's entering this dance with another person)
Huh. Enid still likes Ajax, and Ajax didn't seem to really bat an eye
Hahaha. "That's a shame. I brought my pocket mace. The medival kind."
Hmm. I feel like neither is a prank.
I love the demonic possession look in her eyes (beginning of the dance)
I would have thought more of them would have their eyes on Wednesday, but not so much.
"Honestly I wished I cared a little more."
Smile. She's disappointed. "They couldn't even spring for real pig's blood. It's only paint."
Oh right. It would have been Enid to ask Ajax out. With that being said, he never explained himself [she asks and he explains himself, leading with not saying anything earlier because he was embarassed about it]
B=1=20230127 1AM

Burn. "Like a stately sequoia tree."
Hahaha. Hahaha. "I never thought I missed being waterboarded so much."
Smile. Potpourri.
So I definitely saw this conversation between Bianca and her mother [and from what I can tell I watched from here 'til the end of the episode]
Ooo. I love that zoom in across the buffett table.
Well this is a fictional world. But in U.S. court of law, you can't be tried for the same crime twice. [oh, but if charges were initially dismissed, then double jeopardy doesn't come into play; also note that certain offenses have no statue of limitations
"No match. Inconclusive."
A lot of these details make more sense having watched the previous episode, such as Wednesday finding her mother in the hidden library
Morticia tells Wednesday that Goody killed Crackstone
"I've seen jackals with more self-control than you two."
Her father mostly stays quiet. He leaves saying, "I'm proud of you, kiddo. You do you."
Wednesday takes a step towards her mother. (Morticia then blows kisses)
Similar to what I said before, this conversation between Wednesday and the headmaster makes a lot more sense after having seen the previous episodes.
A=1=20221203, B=2=20230127 2AM

Ba: Hehe. She was a little scared
Ba: Hmm. So... they get help from someone in the past, but also a Raven's path is a solitary one, but also Goody is helping in ways. They're very similar personalities, and yet, Wednesday seems to have the opportunity to mature and be a little less dark (at least perhaps as a viewer that's what I'm rooting for)
Bb: Hahaha. "Like a funeral."
Bb: Does Rowan help because he likes Wednesday? Or is he just a good-hearted guy? His body language doesn't suggest he has any alterior motives (again, aside from liking her). Because Wednesday is not nice to him, and generally I feel one might give up on that.
Bb: Interesting. So MorningSong is meant to be some sort of therapy program which has an app and a bracelet together with a reoccurring fee. Which honestly, is not different from a number of programs in the real world.
Bb: Whoa. Is it really possible to write letters into the top of the cream like that?
Bb: That's quite a drawing of Wednesday. And his power to animate the drawing makes it that much more cool.
Bb: "No man choose evil because it is evil. He only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks."; While this statement has truth in it, my instinct is to find counter-examples. At first I thought the statement aligns itself with moral relativism at the individual level, but thinking about it more, there should be a context of good and evil at the societal level containing the individual in question. Given an individual who chooses to pursue a particular evil (as deemed by the society he/she resides), the statement suggests he/she chooses to pursue it in order to obtain happiness. This would make sense with the first example I was thinking about which is stealing. Most people think of stealing as a bad action - or perhaps even universally it is thought of as a bad action. However, the two primary reasons for stealing are for providing for one's family and kleptomania. In both those cases, the individuals are not stealing for the sake of stealing itself, but for some external purpose. But what if this is flipped on it's head. Can individuals choose good because it is good, or is there always some "external purpose"? I feel like the answer should remain the same whether it is "good" or "bad," because there is a symmetry between good and bad (ying and yang).
Bb: Hahaha. "Like a monkey's paw."
Bb: Yeah... that's pretty mean of Wednesday. "You didn't have to trick us."
Bb: Hehe. Enid is able to open it.
Bb: "Ours is in the living room."
Bb: "I will find you."
Ba=1a=20230127 3AM, Bb=1b=20230127 10AM

B: Hehe. She knows and returns to say, "Leave the bees alone."
B: Proximity certainly wouldn't be a crime as Wednesday was also always right there.
B: I recognize this scene with Uncle Fester hiding among the dolls. So the first time I saw this was from about the 15 minute mark onwards.
B: "I had a dream where you died." - Xavier to Kinbott. I never thought about that before... is Xavier a psychic like his father? [Yes, in which case I feel like Wednesday should have believed his alibi concerning dreams of the monser]
B: Legally Blonde
B: I don't think I've spoken with a person who is so very straightforward with his feelings to a girl as a means to dating
B: "I'm not friend material, let alone more-than-friend material. I will ignore you, stomp on your heart, and always put my needs and interests first."
B: Skipping the scene where Thing is brought to Uncle Fester
B: "So you do know about the diary."
B: "Teresa L. Glau." That's an anagram for Laurel Gates
B: Huh. This murder of Kinbott seems out of the monster's M.O. What reason would the monster have to kill Kinbott? [An article suggested that Kinbott could have uncovered the secrets during Tyler's sessions and thus she knew too much.]
B: I remember when I first saw this episode I thought Addams planted the evidence and framed Xavier. Xavier makes various comments that show he think she might have framed her or if not her then someone else. Wednesday only smiles which does suggest she framed him. And like before, I thought that's an awful thing of Wednesday to do. I suppose from her point of view, she just wants to lock up the monster and protect people from being killed. But she lacked the evidence which takes away from her otherwise logical and intelligent mind - really the attributes which she has going for her. Switching to the BBC Sherlock as an example, the protagonist Sherlock is a cold-hearted asshole, but at least he comes to logical conclusions and solves the case correctly. Not only is the story written here make Wednesday a cold-hearted asshole, but she also impulsively frames her primary suspect with no hard evidence or reason to actually believe he is the culprit.
B: "Because we work. We shouldn't. But we do. It's like some sort of weird, friendship anomaly."
B: Hehe. She'll never forget her first kiss.
B: "I guess I have a type."
A=1=20221203, B=2=20230127

B: "Who said I was alone?"
B: Bianca uses her siren song.
B: Wednesday just hit Tyler with a tazer. Not until today did I realize I had not seen the final episode. In theory, there is room for a double twist. There was foreshadowing to suggest that Wednesday's visions don't necessarily have to come true (despite all the visions thus far having come true). It is interesting she brought forth evidence that Tyler's mother was a Hyde - that does reveal a lot about the father-son relationship (though I suppose that his mother was an outcast was obvious as early as the scene where he questions if his father ever loved her). The question is... if it isn't Tyler, then who? The other prominent characters that might be unsuspecting suspects in my opinion would be his dad and the mayor's son. The simplest theory would still point to Tyler.
B: Hmm. When Weems says, "Let's go" I had a thought that she could have used her shapeshifting to look like the monster or Tyler, which would put a complication into Wednesday's vision. However, Wednesday also saw that Weems was injured. How that part could be setup by Weems is not clear.
B: Oh snaps. "What does it feel like?" "What does what feel like?" "To lose."
B: That's dark. And arrogant of him.
B: "I didn't ask what she identified as."
B: Oh I see. (Laurel Gates approaches Tyler and strokes his cheek) I'll bet that's Weems shapeshifted to look like Tyler and fool Laurel Gates.
B: Huh. Refers back to "You are the key."
B: I see. A bit like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.
B: Hehe. "Is your spectral vision impaired? I'm dying."
B: On a different note, why did Goody originally lock up Crackstone as opposed to getting rid of him for good?
B: In this scene it's clear that Tyler's shirt rips. How could he turn back into a human and retain his clothes?
B: Ooo. Nice, kick, Enid.
B: Hahaha. "That's what you get for messing with Nevermore. Bitch."
B: That definitely got me teary eyed. Wednesday initially pushes Enid away, but then pulls her back in.
B: "The End?"

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