Strange World (2022)

While the movie initially seems straightforward, the ending was a wonderful surprise for me. With that being said, the movie as a whole lacked the wonder and charm of many successful Disney and Pixar movies.

Instant Comments:
That was a quick and efficient intro to the main story ("25 years later")
The grandfather is open to his grandson's sexual orientation
Pause after they share a drink and connect a little. A good movie to compare this one to is The Croods. Both have the father that has a way of doing things and a younger, forward thinking child who has his/her own way of approaching the world. Well, in this movie, the theme is repeated one step down as well.
Hmm. I'm guessing like from Ethan's game, that these creatures aren't actually harming the plant.
Splat is trying to tell Ethan something about the creatures.
Lol. Splat goes on the otherside to help Legend open the door (when it could have opened the door itself)
Maybe they can do CPR?
The healer creatures.

Watched 20230114 Disney+
Strange World (2022) Don Hall. 102 min

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