Encanto at the Hollywood Bowl (2022)

I saw a part of Stephanie Beatriz's performance of "Family Madrigal" somewhere and so this special was high on my to-watch list. Overall, it was so fun to watch, and I'm definitely envious of those who got to watch it live. I could tell that there's so much going on, but in watching the recording, there is no freedom to look around. As such, one aspect I couldn't help but focus on and ask is what portions of the performance were being sung and which parts were either prerecorded or use the existing soundtrack. There are definitely moments where the cast is truly singing, and others where it sounds so much like the original that it's hard to tell. At the end of the day, whether there was or wasn't lipsyncing, the audio production was top-notch. Of course, my impression of the special wouldn't be complete without giving a big round of applause for Stephanie Beatriz's enthusiasm. She really owned the performance.

Instant Comments:
What an amazing performance. I always figured that the song would require multiple takes, and it's possible the movie does combine multiple takes, but this performance shows the artist can sing it flawlessly from start to finish. ("Family Madrigal")
Hmm. This sounds a lot more raw in comparison to "Family Madrigal" ("Under Pressure"); worded different, it was very difficult to distinguish Stephanie Beatriz's performance of "Family Madrigal" from the movie recording, but Jessica Darrow's performance of "Under Pressure" is distinctly less refined and distguishable from the movie recroding
One of my favorite parts during the movie version of "We Don't Talk About Bruno" is when Mirabel is dancing next to Dolores. It is not executed that way here.
During this duet, Stephanie Beatriz displays so much expression. Actually, she also brought the same enthusiasm to "Family Madrigal" but here it shows more as it contrasts with Diane Guerrero's more straightforward performance. In the movie, there is so much action, and amazingly Stephanie Beatriz brought some of that feeling to the stage with just her expression. Unfortunately, the performance was clearly not intended to be on par with a musical in any way. And that's understandable. The voice cast was hired for doing voices for a movie, not for stage acting.
The house crumbling looked awesome.
I like the children's choir, but I felt the juxtaposition and composition of the choir with the singer was not well executed.
Whoa. The butterflies flying into the sky was a cool effect. Perhaps a piece of cloth that extends upwards [looking at it again, it appears it is just added as a visual effect]
In the movie, Bruno is the one to say "You're the real gift kid, let us in."

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Encanto at the Hollywood Bowl (2022) Chris Howe. 45 min

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