Kotaro Lives Alone

Episode 1:

Episode 2:
1a: Paused around the 10 minute mark
1b: Hehe the distance is related to the bathing
1b: Hehe. Arm pillows.
1b: HAHA. "It was the first time in my life someone used my arm as a pillow."
1b: "You are exasperating."
1b: I'm a little surprised he didn't eventually follow him.
1b: "You are too young to understand its value. [...]" (it was indeed pretty cool to have a community made bento, but I wonder why he didn't ask his "parents")

Episode 3:
1: Haha. She brought a tambourine.
1: Kotaru with seven people in the picture during the credits, one of which is a little boy

Episode 4:

Episode 5:
1: hehe. Eating tissues.
1: Fake smile.
1: He calls his teacher out on fake smiling.
1: Poor kid. "I will do my best to bring joy."

Episode 6:
1: Holy moly! "I found your kid. I found your son."
1: "Sir Aota, are you going to tell my father that you have found me?"

Episode 7:
1: Karino steps up and confronts the mother
1: "Perhaps your hand is the problem and not my forehead."
1: Huh. She leaving based on Kotoro's advice? [oh, not quite]

Episode 8:
1: "I will accompany you to the movie theaters as your guardian." - Kotaro to Karino

Episode 9:
1: What a feel-good show. ("Kotaro and I believe in you")
1: This episode doesn't have credits.

Episode 10:
1: Nice. Karino showed up.
1: Oh no. Karino must be covering his mother's name
1: Maybe it's more of a white lie.
1: Huh, I just noticed in this scene that the print on Sir Tamuru's clothing is static. It's an easy way to save time with animating.
1: Interesting... so that's it?


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