Up (2009)

Overview: After a run-in with the law, a retired old man named Carl Fredricksen attaches balloons to his house in an attempt to fly to Paradise Falls in South America, fulfilling a dream to travel there with his late wife Ellie.

20220117 Comment:
While writing this post, I wondered why the balloons didn't lift the house before they were released. Apparently, my mistake was in thinking that the ballons came from inside the house. Upon review of scene via screenshots, they are instead kept under a tarp behind the house and the string simply runs from the ballons and down through the chimney. With that being said, the balloons supply a lifting force that causes the house to fly, and so whatever was tying down the tarp had to have exceeded that force.

Carl Fredricksen (Ed Asner)

But apparently Pixar already bent the laws of physics with respect to how many balloons it would actually take to lift a similar style house in real life. Check out this video by the Corridor Crew where they talk about physics, realism, and give the viewers what it might look like if the animation with actual physics (e.g., the size and number of ballons required).
Russell (Jordan Nagai) stays close to the side of the house as it soars through the air.

Instant Comments:
"That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most." - Russell to Mr. Fredricksen
Hehe when his hero drops I feel the sensation in my lower body [similar to when I dream about dropping and then my body jumps from the bed]
A little teary as he says old man coming through. Not as much as some movies and more predictable, but still touching.

Kevin, Russell, and Carl

Star Wars
Hehe Russell wins bingo
Carl, Dug (Bob Peterson; golden retriever), and Russell

Watched at least once before.
Watched 20220103 (Disney+)

Alpha (Bob Peterson; Doberman Pinscher), Gamma (Jerome Ranft; English Bulldog), Beta (Delroy Lindo; Rottweiler)

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