Overview: Hawkeye is spending the holiday season with his family but something important comes up and his path intertwines with that of Kate Bishop, a young aspiring hero who idolizes Hawkeye. Will Hawkeye and Kate Bishop team up and save the day? Can Hawkeye make it in home for Christmas as promised?

A definite focus on Kate Bishop.
Hehe, finally enter Hawkeye
"You're Hawkeye!" "And who the hell are you?"

1a: Only watched half of this episode
1b: Finished the episode. The mom seems like the bad guy. At least, that's what the writers want people to think.
1a=20220107, 1b=20220108

The caption showed the door noise. And I figured probably he'd find his sword.

Now that I think about it, holding a sword up to someone coming in is silly. What if they ran into it. Also why would he have chosen the Ronin sword?
I suppose it doesn't quite explain why they came home when Kate thought no one would be home...
She gets a notification. Why does her daughter have her password? She's the head of a security company and has an insecure laptop password?
Oh wow. What a reveal... Natasha's sister [Yelena]
1=20220109 AM

That's pretty cool to see a person disappear and appear from the blip from his/her point of view.
hahaha. sense of humor. are you really not hungry, that fight was so long?
haha. no weapons in my hand. that's a lie
"my sister is gone because of him" (I wonder how Yelena came to that conclusion)
haha. all those messages
Royal Tenenbaums
interesting conversation between Clint and Maya regarding an informant and wanting her father killed...
nice. Yelena tracking Kate's mother.
ooo Kingpin.
1=20220109 AM

ah in the recap, "the big guy"
that one arrow said PYM?
lol she wanted to hi all the buttons or something. "No."
hehe. she manages to hit all the buttons.
hehehe "Timber"
lol. the Pym arrow!
haha, what happens to them now? "I don't know, I'll have to ask Scott about that one"
he caught the arrow!?! is it possible? [doing some non-exhaustive reading, in the real world, an arrow fired from a fully-drawn, height-weight bow can not be caught; but the possibility of catching a slower arrow in the real world does lend to the suspension of disbelief that a fast bow can be caught in the comic book world]
Why would her mom try to leave?

What kind of question is that? "Is this what heroes do, arrest their mothers on Christmas?"
oh wow, for reals? the end of Kingpin? I doubt it [I suppose it's possible that a gunshot did go off, but Maya was killed... That would be upsetting. I suppose the "better" alternative is he got shot but manages to survive.]
Smile. "Oh balls, I got some blood on my tie"
I see... (I suppose while she was communicating with him, I asked in my head what her role was that makes her so useful in assisting him) [apparently the symbol on the watch indicates she's a heroine named Mockingbird]
haha. this Avengers musical number. I guess only parts of this were shown in the first episode and this would be the number in full.
1=20220109 AM

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