Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)

Ada and Ben were watching Raya. I was only partially paying attention.

Raya (Kelly Marie Tran)


Today I decided to watch Raya from the beginning and apparently I missed a lot of important details. Perhaps "only partially paying attention" is overshooting the estimate how much attention I paid. In any case, the theme of trust and the resolution of the film made more sense from all the scenes I missed out on.

With respect to the protagonist, I wasn't a fan of Raya. Though to be fair, her character is not likeable by design, because she loses her father and has her trust in others shattered by a would-be best friend. Note that Sisu is another protagonist. After all, she's the other half of the movie's title. The only difference is that Raya is the narrator, which places her more central to the movie's story compared to Sisu.

Namaari (Gemma Chan)

One plot point I didn't understand is why Namaari decided to pull the crossbow on Sisu. By that time, she was already attempting to propose a solution that involves talking in a direct confrontation with her mother. From what I recall, her mother continued to apply pressure on Namaari, but otherwise did not implement any ultimatums. Furthermore, she was a fan of dragons and an even bigger fan of Sisu, so the action seemed out-of-character. The writers could have adjusted the plot to better motivate Namaari's action, because the second betrayal does make for a more interesting ending.

Overall, the story was promising but fell through in several ways. Ending on a positive note, I did like the aesthetics of the dragons.

Raya and Sisu (Awkwafina)

Instant Comments: 2: Oh, Sisu's voice is clearly Awkwafina; I find it interesting that some famous voices are so distinct.

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