Cars (2006)

Today was my first time watching Cars. I watched with my son.

Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson)

Instant Comments:
1: This car plays dirty
1: hehe you need tires you idiot

Left: Sally Carrera (Bonnie Hunt). Right: Guido (forklift, Guido Quaroni), Sarge (military jeep, Paul Dooley), Luigi (yel;ow Fiat, Tony Shalhoub), and Fillmore (VW Bus, George Carlin)

1: lol photo finish
1: I guess McQueen has his own problem (he doesn't play dirty but has an attitude problem)
1: haha, turn on your lights you moron
1: oh wow, I didn't realize Doc was the one who tipped the media off

Mater (right, Larry the Cable Guy)

1: tearjerker ending (as McQueen pushes the other car across the finish)
Watched 20210821 (Disney+)
Cars (2006) John Lasseter. 117 min

Doc Hudson (Paul Newman) and Lightning McQueen

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