A Bug's Life (1998)

Watched the movie with Ben. I missed some scenes here and there. In any case, the movie was much different than how I remembered it. In particular, I usually just don't remember what happened, but in this case I was expecting a scene that didn't happen. Either it happened to be a scene which I missed or I misremembered (I thought Flik motivated the circus troupe to come with him while in a back alleyway; maybe I'm thinking of a different movie like Antz?).

Flik (Dave Foley) and Dot (Hayden Panettiere)

On a different note, I also would have thought the stalk launcher would have been used as a weapon in the fight at the end of the movie.

Anyways, on this viewing, I was surprised at how unwanted Flik was. In addition, that his initial dismissal was an attempt to get rid of him.

Hopper (Kevin Spacey)

Close to the ending, I definitely forgot that Dot was the one to go after him. I thought Flik was going to notice Hopper was on his way back which would prompt him to turn around. With that being said, the way it played out made sense, because they set it up at the beginning of the movie (the rock).

The movie was interesting because of how it turns the inventor, the person who thinks differently and against the masses, into the hero. Unfortunately, I'm not sure many people would relate to that.

Atta (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Queen (Phyllis Diller)

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Earlier today I watched the beginning again. The movie sets up where ant island is located and then Flik with his invention - I missed both these scenes. I then skipped to watch the scene where Flik enters the bug city. I continued watching up to when he recruited the circus troupe. Finally I watched the rest of the "bloopers." It seems those were the only scenes I missed.

Gypsy (gypsy moth, Madeline Kahn), Manny (praying mantis, Jonathan Harris), Francis (ladybug, Denis Leary), Heimlich (caterpillar, Joe Ranft), Slim (David Hyde Pierce), Dim (rhinoceros beetle, Brad Garrett), Rosie (black widow spider, Bonnie Hunt), and Tuck and Roll* (pill bugs, Michael McShane)

*According to the Pixar fandom page, "Tuck is the one with two eyebrows, and Roll is the one with a unibrow. It's also said that Roll has a deeper voice in the film, while Tuck has a slightly higher tone."
Instant Comments:
I vaguely remembered the bird failing but I didn't remember how.
I didn't remember how they end up banding together.

Hahaha, "bad grasshopper, go home," that was funny.

Watched at least once before.
Watched 20210827 (Disney+)
A Bug's Life (1998) John Lasseter. 95 min

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