Naruto Shippuden

Although finishing episode 220 of Naruto would have been a good place to stop, I formed a strange desire to continue watching Naruto Shippuden. And, like with Naruto, I decided to just watch the dubbed versions so that I can multitask. Unfortunately, Viz only has dubbed versions of episodes 1-97.

[20170318][20190427 Edit]

20170318 AM: Episodes 001-004
20170318: Episodes 005-010
20170319: Episodes 011-018
20170320 AM: Episodes 019-024
20170323: Episodes 025-028
20170324 AM: Episodes 029-030
20170324 PM: Episodes 031-032
20170325 AM: Episodes 033-034
20170325: Episodes 035-040
20170326 AM: Episodes 041-042
20170326: Episodes 042-048
20170327 AM: Episode 049
20170327 PM: Episodes 050-053

I was wondering about why Lady Tsunade had to listen to the Elders and an answer on a Q/A web page essentially said a Hokage is the highest position a ninja can obtain, but must still discuss with the Feudal Lords and the Elders on certain matters.

20170328 AM: Episodes 054-058
20170328 PM: Episodes 059-064
20170405 PM: Episodes 065-071
20170406 AM: Episode 072
20170406 PM: Episodes 073-074
20170407 AM: Episodes 075-087
20170407: Episodes 088-097

Today I reached the point on Viz where the Shippuden episodes were only available Subtitled (Episode 98 and onward). I was watching one episode after another, but stopped watching after I completed Episode 98. I'll mark episodes viewed as such with JAES (Japanese Audio, English Subtitles).

20170407: Episode 098, JAES
20170408: Episode 099, JAES
20170409: Episodes 100-101, JAES
20170623: Episodes 102-108, JAES
20170911: Episodes 109-117, JAES
20170912: Episodes 117-120, JAES

Episodes 119 and 120 (Kakashi when he was younger) are great episodes, especially because Kakashi is a great character.

20170913: Episode 121, JAES
20171215 AM: Episodes 122-124, JAES
20171216 PM: Episodes 124-133, JAES
20180516 PM & 20180517 AM: Episodes 134-140, JAES
20180519 PM & 20180520 AM: Episodes 140-145, JAES

I read today that perhaps it's best to skip the filler episodes.

20180520 PM & 20180521 AM: Episodes 146-155, JAES
20180523 AM: Episodes 156-159, JAES
20180525 AM: Episodes 160-165, JAES
20180530: Episodes 166-168, JAES
20180531: Episodes 169, (Skip 170-171,) 172-175 JAES
20180601: Episodes (Skip 176-178,) 179, (Skip 180-196,) 197, JAES
20180602 AM: Episodes 198-199, JAES
20180602: Episodes 200-203, JAES
20180608: Episodes 204-208, JAES
20180609: Episodes 209-212, (Skip 213,) 214-215, JAES
20180610: Episodes 216-217, JAES

I was thinking about watching more Shippuden, but I had no energy to watch.

Today I decided to pick up from where I left off. I decided to rewatch the last episode which I completed (Episode 217). It's a weird place to the series back up on. I honestly don't recall anything, though the episode clues me in on some of the events.

Note that I also wanted to verify that the episode numbers lined up correctly. This was confirmed upon being able to identify my two previous comments for the episode: "Naruto lies down beside them." and "Hey Sai! Since when did you develop such a carefree laugh?"

In any case, I was randomly searching for articles and I ended up on Gaara's wiki page where I read the Five Kage Summit section. I was sure that this section caught me up on a good portion of the episodes prior to Episode 217 (in particular, I believe the last sentence of that section occurred at the very start of Episode 218).

20210724: Episodes 217-222, JAES
20210725: Episodes (Skip 223-242,) 243-250, JAES

I was watching the opening credits for episode 249 and wondering [...]
20210726: Episodes 251-256, JAES
20210727 AM: Episodes 257-264, JAES (Didn't Skip 257-260)
20210727: Episodes 265-270, JAES
20210728 AM: Episodes (Skip 271,) 272-277, JAES
20210728: Episodes 278, (Skip 279-281,) 282-283, JAES
20210731: Episodes (Skip 284-295,) 296-302, (Skip 303-320,) 321, JAES
20210801: Episodes 322-326, JAES
20210802 AM: Episode 327 (Didn't Skip 327), JAES
20210802: Episodes 328-330, JAES
20210805 AM: Episodes 331-333, JAES
20210805: Episodes 334-340, JAES
20210808: Episodes 341-344, JAES
20210809: Episodes 345-350, JAES (Didn't Skip 347-361), JAES
20210810: Episodes 351-356, JAES [inferred by gap]
20210811: Episodes 357-360, JAES
20210814: Episodes 361-365, JAES

Overall, the Kakashi filler arc was worth watching.

20210815 AM: Episodes 366-367, JAES
20210815: Episodes 368-375
20210816: Episodes (Skip 376-377,) 378-380
20210817: Episodes 381-384
202108XX: Episodes 385-386 (Didn't Skip 386) [20220124: inferred]
20210824: Episode 387
20210825: Episodes 388-389 (Didn't Skip 388-390)
2021082X: Episode 390
20210829: Episode 391
20210830: Episodes 392-393, (Skip 394-413), 414-421, (Skip 422-423), 424-426, JAES (Didn't Skip 416-417, 419)

At the end of episode 421, in the credits different characters are shown at the ramen shop. Hinata ate more bowls than Naruto! I did a follow-up and apparently the credits draw parallels between past and present. In the past, Minato is on the left, Kushina is on the right, and Kushina gets sick (likely from pregancy as the part right after suggests). In the present, Hinata is on the left, Naruto is on the right, and Naruto gets sick (likely from eating too much while trying to keep up with Hinata). The drawings indicate that Hinata's personality is more like Minato and Naruto's personality is more like Kushina (which makes sense, he even has a verbal tick like his mother). I also learned that there's an omake (extra) at the end of Shippuden episode 95 where several characters compete in a ramen eating contest and Hinata wins with 46 bowls (Naruto only ate 30)! Trying to find the omake, I learned that the endings for the dubbed episodes are different from the endings for the subbed episodes; the omake was in the sub version.

20210831: Episodes 426-427, JAES

20231006 Comment:
I don't remember when - I would guess some time in 2021 - but I had spoiled the ending for myself. I also don't remember the reason why I had done this, but I imagine it had occurred while I was reading the Wiki and perhaps was frustrated with how drawn out the ending battle was; there are over 70 episodes including filler episodes and over 30 episodes excluding filler episodes between where I last watched and the last episode, Episode 500.
HAS NOT YET HAPPENED: TBD: (Skip 428-450), 451-457 (Didn't Skip 451-457, 460-461) # FILLER: Eps. 427-457, MOSTLY FILLER: Eps. 427, 451-457
# MOSTLY FILLER: Eps. 460-461
# FILLER: Eps. 464-469, MOSTLY FILLER: Ep. 469
# FILLER: Eps. 480-483

Episode 001:
1: Hahahaha. New "Pervy Ninjutsu"
1: "Tsunade Junior"
1=20170318 AM

Episode 002:
1=20170318 AM

Episode 003:
1: Lol. I was oblivious to that. ("Start")
1: Oh wow. Sakura's punch.
1: What's more interesting is that Kakashi doesn't know.
1: "Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu: One Thousand Years of Death"
1: Good thing Naruto has Sakura to break the genjutsu.
1: Haha, he's learned some things across the years.
1: Nooo... I gotta watch to the end of the battle versus Kakashi.
1=20170318 AM

Episode 004:
1: Cute. (Exposing Kakashi's weakness)
1=20170318 AM

Episode 005:
1: Team Kakashi

Episode 006:
1: Ha! Naruto explains why his headband and clothes changed. (I was vaguely wondering about it an episode or two ago)

Episode 007:
1: "If you ask me it's about time you became a jonin. It wouldn't be such a problem if you stopped complaining about what a drag everything is." "What a drag."

Episode 010:
1: Hehe. She checks to see if she won as an omen.

Episode 013:
1: Lol. "That sword, it's yours right?"
1: So... the question will be if Naruto can recognize the genjutsu.

Episode 014:
1: Very good training on Jiraiya's part.

Episode 016:
1: I don't really pay attention to this episode, even after attempting to watch parts of it several times over [I eventually read the episode summary]

Episode 018:
1: Lol. Lee speaks loudly into the mic.
1: All that grunting.
1: "Hey, we should do it too." Everybody denies Naruto the pleasure.

Episode 019:
1: I would figure out if switching opponents is advantageous. Though each clone is made from a different element so that could be the answer as well.
1: Is it a genjutsu?
1=20170320 AM

Episode 021:
1: Holy crap. That's awesome. (Using Sakura)
1=20170320 AM

Episode 022:
1: At the end of the episode extra, Kakashi points out his students essentially each split up and became students of the legendary Sannin: Naruto with Jiraiya, Sakura with Tsunade, and Sasuke with Orochimaru (well Kakashi says he doesn't know what Sasuke is up to, but essentially that's the implication).
1=20170320 AM

Episode 023:
1: That's creepy. Hugging yourself with puppets in the likeness of your parents.
1=20170320 AM

Episode 024:
1: She's bluffing. [Called it]
1=20170320 AM

Episode 027:
1: She tells him she already healed the injury itself.
1: Reanimation Ninjutsu.
1: Interesting. She was originally designing that Ninjutsu for him.

Episode 028:
1: Is he going to suggest that they fight like someone else?
1: Lol. He suggests that they have to be stronger than they were. "Stronger than we were yesterday."
1: Though the fact that there's some sort of jutsu that can make a clone of equal power as someone is, in hindsight, nearly overpowered.

Episode 029:
1: Interesting Jutsu. He has to keep his other eye closed.
1: Holy shit. What a powerful jutsu.
1: "I missed."
1=20170324 AM

Episode 032:
1: While a lot of the village is happy, there definitely exists doubters and haters among the crowd.
1: Lol. Rock Lee wants to carry Negi.
1=20170324 PM

Episode 033:
1: By now she just assume he's listening. Hahaha.
1=20170325 AM

Episode 035:
1: Interesting that Jiraiya should let the fourth tail grow during training.

Episode 036:
1: Lol. He told Naruto about Jiraiya's near-death incident with Lady Tsunade.

Episode 037:
1: Ha, his nightmare.

Episode 042:
1: Although the scale of the battle is large, it's not that fun to watch. In particular, I dislike the chasing portion - when the beast's extended arms were chasing after Orochimaru. I was similarly bored back when Naruto and Kakashi were chasing Deidara and when Gaara was chasing Deidara (with his sand).
1a=20170326 AM, 1b=20170326*
*Japanese audio, English subtitles because the website was having problems loading the dubbed version.

Episode 043:
1: Lol. From a physics standpoint. It'd require a lot of force near the point of rotation to keep such a long blade lifted.
1=20170326 4PM

Episode 044:
1: Dang. I assume the red on his hands and face is cause his skin is burned off. Ouch.
1: A bit strange that a jutsu can only be inherited... but if they say so.
1=20170326 9PM

# FILLER: Ep. 45

Episode 048:
1: Meh. Naruto's anger at this point is annoying, similar to how annoying Ichigo got in the later episodes of BLEACH. Arguably worse.
1=20170326 PM

# FILLER: Ep. 49

Episode 049:
1: Ah. Does this lead back to the first episode then?
1=20170327 AM

Episode 050:
1: OMG. "I don't understand." Really? Actually, I'm more surprised by Captain Yamato's surprise.
1=20170327 PM

Episode 051:
1: Hmm. That book doesn't exactly have to be all his executions. It could just be a community hit list.
1=20170327 PM

Episode 053:
1: I wonder if Orochimaru stopping Sasuke suggests that Orochimaru is stronger than Sasuke. Perhaps it just means Orochimaru has a psychological leverage on Sasuke.
1=20170327 PM

Episode 054:
1: Hahaha. "I understand. Thanks for the advice, Ugly."
1: Lol. Says the opposite. So in truth he thinks Ino is also ugly.
1=20170328 AM

Episode 055:
Episode 056:
1: Huh? I thought the point was that if one of the clones got it, then Naruto could just combine the experience...
1=20170328 AM

# FILLER: Eps. 57-71, MOSTLY FILLER: Eps 71.

Episode 062:
1: Lol. Rock Lee comes in. "Ahhhh. Who decided to forge bonds of comradeship in a mighty meeting of fists." Lands. Jumps. "And forgot to invite Rock Lee!?!" Joins the brawl.
1=20170328 PM

Episode 064:
1: Great save by Naruto.
1=20170328 PM

Episode 074:
1: I was wondering how a powerful ninja monk like Chiriku would be defeated. I guess what I mean is if a person like him was defeated, then how many ninja left in the world could possibly look to defeat those opponents. [Thankfully, at least to some extent, at least Asuma was surprised by Chiriku's defeat as well.]
1: Hehe. Kakashi does it one hand.
1=20170406 PM

Episode 075:
1: Lol. Why is Naruto upset? After all, Master Jiraiya can do it too.
1=20170407 AM

Episode 078:
1: This episode makes it clear how this enemy has been destroying powerful ninja such as Chiriku.
1=20170407 AM

Episode 079:
1: Blah. Really?
1=20170407 AM

Episode 081:
1: Hehe. Sai feigns putting down Naruto.
1: Lol. "I'm really starting to take a liking to you kiddo." Freaks Naruto out.
1=20170407 AM

Episode 087:
1: Lol. Tsunade jokes that Shikamaru expends energy in order to look bored.
1: "Wind Style. Rashen Shuriken." That looks awesome. I'm tempted to watch one more episode.
1=20170407 AM

Episode 089:
1: Shikamaru's dad asks him if he knows who the king is and Shikamaru responds
1: It seems like Shikamaru's dad already knows the answer. As a double whammy, Shikamaru's dad also beats him (at Shogi).

# FILLER: Eps. 90-112, MOSTLY FILLER: Eps. 90, 92, and 112.

Episode 095:
1: It's really interesting that Naruto would prefer to try and work with Gamatatsu who has no jutsu instead of Gamariki

Episode 103:
1: Ino struggles

Episode 104:
1: Holy crap, how many Rasengans is that? [Apparently the technique is called "Ultra-Many Spiraling Serial Spheres" - at least according to the Naruto wiki]

Episode 105:
1: I don't understand their tactic. Certainly they should have searched for their opponents, but tat the same time, I think keeping closer to the lake would have been reasonable.

Episode 106:
1: Giant Rasengan.

Episode 107:
1: Lol. Mini Three-Tails.
1: "And I'm that Jinchuriki!"
1: I was confused the first time I heard the lines spoken, but now I understand: "If I hadn't told him such a thing..." Flashback to "The place where someone thinks of you, that's where home is." [...] Back to present. "You told him?" [When I first heard her say it, it seemed like she was accusing him of something.]

Episode 111:
1: Why did Guren have to sacrifice herself in that way? (though she must be alive since the flower is still encased in crystal)
1: Quite a surprise: Gamakichi can use fire style.

Episode 114:
1: Dang. Anesthetic within his blood.
1: "Which one... are you now?" "Which one... do you think?"

Episode 117:
1b: Haha. Naruto won the grand prize (with three tickets) but wanted the ramen. Kakashi wanted the grand prize and had a lot of tickets.

Episode 121:
1: Cute. Naruto speaks like his master.
1: Aww... Jiraiya gives Naruto his last piece of meat (and it distracts Naruto from their present conversation)
1: I wonder who the squad leaders are.
1: That ending is great: Hinata says "Naruto" in several different ways.

Episode 122:
1: Oh wow. Kabuto absorbed Orochimaru.

Episode 123:
1: Good to see Sasuke fighting again.

Episode 124:
1a: Doesn't make sense. If Tobi can run from the attack, then Sasuke should be able to also.
1a: Huh. He trained his left eye to counter the Sharingan.
1b: How can he fly if his left wing is just snakes.
1b: Oh man. What a terrible ultimate (self-detonation).
1a=20171216 AM, 1b=20171216 PM

Episode 125:
1: Wow. Sasuke's resourcefulness and quick-thinking
1: It has yet to be revealed if Tobi survived, and I knew he probably should survive. But then I realized he definitely survived because his ability is shifting to another dimension.



Episode 128:
1: That's an interesting ending. That Naruto is named after Jiraiya's character.

Episode 129:
1: New opening credits.
1: New closing credits. I like the previous one!

Episode 130:
1: They show us Tobi has a Sharingan.
1: Ha. Jiraiya flirts with the girls and then says "I'm not giving up, that's my ninja way."

Episode 132:
1: Oh my goodness. I'm glad he retreated. 1) It seems like the tactically smart move. 2) I'm not ready for Jiraiya to die.
1: Hmm. There's a scene where the three are back to back. But given their shared eyesight, they should face each other. Lol.
1: Lol. The interview between Naruto and Jiraiya was funny.

Episode 133:
1: ;_;

Episode 134:
1: Hehe. Killing Itachi can't be this easy.
1: Well. It's not going against Sasuke's orders. Sasuke just told them to wait.
1: They don't show Naruto using a clone for Rasengan. But we don't see him use it solo either.
1: After credits is something about Naruto missing milestone episodes.

Episode 135:
1: Mostly old flashback. Possibly some new information.
1: Finally some fight.
1: Madara Uchiha.

Episode 136:
1: That's messed up. Takes his brother's eye.
1: Oh. Now we know why Itachi let his brother live.
1: Itachi must be overestimating his Mangekyo Sharingan. If this power alone is powerful, then Madara shouldn't have lost.
1: Hmm. Wonder if there are any plot twists.
1: Smile. Two sleepwalking and Shino gets mad.

Episode 138:
1: Huh. Is the snake that got away going to do something?
1: That part with Orochimaru being released seemed anti-climatic.

Episode 139:
1: Oh. In this attack, Naruto calls out "Rasengan!" and we see the clone cloud disappear soon after.

Episode 140:
1a: [Although I only had 10 minutes left, I was sleepy and had to constantly rewind through the past five or so minutes. Must turn off and continue watching tomorrow.]
1b: [Started just a couple minutes before where I left off]
1b: The whole idea seems silly. To battle distrust by planning a coup d'etat. Of course, I wouldn't believe everything that Madara says. Well, I would believe the events, but not the interpretation. For example, I thought it was already told to the viewer that Madara unleashed the Nine Tails. [See Episode 141]
1a=20180517, 1b=20180519

Episode 141:
1: Wait. Madara was against the Uchiha also? I'm confused.
1: "You are lying. The one who made the Nine-Tails attack the village was you, Madara! Itachi said so."
1: Madara tries to turn it around and say that Itachi was the one who was lying.
1: Always tapping Sasuke on the head.
1: Say what!?! "We will destroy the Hidden Leaf!"

Episode 142:
1: I wonder how he makes use of eight blades.
1: Haha. This rapping ninja with humor.
1: Haha. The end credits is Sakura being jealous of Hinata and she does the different expressions of saying "Naruto" (similar to how Hinata is only ever able to say "Naruto")

Episode 143:
1: Lucky. Though it seemed he was using a power he didn't know he had (for Karin)

# FILLER: Eps. 144-151

Episode 145:
1: Haha. Naruto catching and throwing away Sai's leeches.
1: Lol. Any person with half a brain should figure out that if leeches were just raining down, they'd fall down in various places, not just raining like a cloud directly overhead.
1: Haha. Just her luck. She's water.
1: Huh. Why didn't Captain Yamato or Sai pick up on the same awkwardness that Naruto sensed? Especially considering he was the one to have forced the villagers to come out.

Episode 148:
1: Naruto is too abrasive. And the repetitiveness of his personality reminds me of how annoying Ichigo became in BLEACH.
1: What a surprise. The one Naruto went looking for was right there.

Episode 150:
1: This filler arc (episodes 144-151) has been decent.

Episode 151:
1: Uh-oh. Haha.

Episode 152:
1: Interesting. That recollection of Naruto's encounter with Itachi. Itachi mentions he gave Naruto a power.
1: I like the interaction between the Great Sage Toad and Naruto.
1: I was curious how Naruto would react. I suppose the initial "Huh?" is appropriate.
1: I sort of knew before, but I really realized today that the credits are child versions of Sakura, Naruto, Jiraiya, Sasuke, Orochimaru, and Tsunade. I suppose the juxtaposition of two generations at the same age is unexpected.
1=20180521 AM

Episode 153:
1: I wonder if he would buy a Popsicle at some point.
1: Ah. He buys a Popsicle.
1: Wow. Iruka's words to Naruto almost got me teary eyed.
1: 9, 31, 8 | 106, 7 | 207, 15
1: My guess is "Naruto" would be the key.
1: Oh. After Kakashi was reading the numbers out loud, I would think they're page numbers.
1: Hahaha. 106 centimeters!
1=20180521 AM

Episode 154:
1: Yay! I was right about the page numbers!
1: "The Real One's Not Among Them" This probably means that there is a real Pain, which is not one of the Pain's he fought. This would be helpful in the sense that one could develop a strategy to fight the real Pain directly. Or to fight the Pains knowing that they are being controlled by another.
1: Haha. "By that time I'll no longer be a human being."
1=20180521 AM

Episode 155:
1: Hahaha. Knocks "predecessors" over. Has to put them upright.
1=20180521 AM

Episode 156:
1: What's he practicing?
1=20180523 AM

Episode 158:
1: Fucking Danzo. What a prick.
1: Nice. You tell them Tsunade. They lack... "The Power to Believe."
1: Oh no!!! Danzo!!!
1: Yeah. On that note. (Kakashi telling one of the Pain that their method is pointless) 1) If the enemy is ransacking the village to look for Naruto, then handing over Naruto is their best hope of survival. Even estimating for the worst case, not having Naruto there would be like 95% chance of loss compared to having Naruto would be 50% chance of loss. 2) From the enemy's point of view, what good is killing people in order to find Naruto? It's literally the most brute force tactic possible. It makes Pain look like a complete idiot, because anyone who does just a little investigating would know that Naruto can be easily baited by offering up Sasuke.
1=20180523 AM

Episode 161:
1: Oh wow. Naruto taught Konohamaru Rasengan...
1: They're talking about how he has to take in chakra while he's moving. What if a clone does it?
1: Wait. With them looking at the message now. Did they copy it exactly how it looked? Because when they wrote it down on paper, it would have been written in someone else's penmanship, right?
1: Hehe. Konohamaru also executes with a clone.
1: The old frog says something that reminds him of using clones. So I was right!?
1=20180525 AM

Episode 162:
1: "Almighty Push."
1=20180525 AM

Episode 163:
1: Nice. First one in one swoop.
1: Huh. They're surprised that he threw it. Why? Oh, well I suppose because Rasengan can't be thrown.
1: Oh, but we haven't seen him use his clone to collect Nature chakra yet.
1=20180525 AM

Episode 164:
1: Hmm. Seems like a waste of chakra. Quick is good, but it's unclear that Naruto understands his enemy's moves. Perhaps there's attacks that use less chakra worth using to tease out some of the enemy's defenses. [In the next scene we see the other guy absorb it.]
1=20180525 AM

Episode 165:
1: The delicate balance of the number of clones created was explained.
1: Actually, "two wrongs don't make a right"
A: "I don't have an answer"
1: Hmm. His vision has similarities with Thanos: he believes that extinguishing people can help reset the world
A: Lol. Sakura is jealous of Hinata getting to be the focus of the end credits.
1=20180525 AM, A=20180530*
*I skip towards to the end to remember how it ended.

Episode 166:
1: Hmm. In some sense he believes in "The Purge."
1: Ooo. Finally she reveals her feelings to Naruto.
1: Damn. Her caretaker just left Naruto on the ground (without even checking for injury).
1: Oh, made me a little teary (well, that moment where one feels tears coming up, but no tears have yet arrived). (When she and a superimposed Naruto say "I stand by what I say...")
1: I thought he was gonna drop her on top of Naruto and impale her. (though I figured her character is too important to kill off) [Oh, but after I made this comment, apparently he does stab her.]
1: Oh right, but she has an entire end credits after her!

Episode 167:
1: Sixtails.
1: Well. Although it's dangerous to Naruto and others. At least the Nine Tails is a rival to Pain.
1: I'm not sure how this planetary jutsu is supposed to hold the Nine Tails.
1: "Naruto..."
1: How does Naruto not know that the fourth Hokage is his father? I suppose a different question is how do I know? [Naruto finds out that the fourth Hokage is his father in episode 168. (] [As for the other question, apparently there have been several moments throughout the manga/anime. In particular, some point to the very first Naruto episode]

Episode 168:
1: Half? Why just half? Where's the other half?
1: The fourth Hokage refers to the Nine Tails being controlled.
1: Lol. Creepy. Will the fourth Hokage be watching everything Naruto does? (And by everything I mean...) [The answer to this comes later]
1: "I'm not smart."
1: Aww... "last time"
1: That was satisfying.
1: Hehe. Sakura bck in the end credits.

Episode 169:
1: Hahaha. Sakura and Ino can't believe that the younger Lady Tsunade was flat-chested.

# FILLER: Eps. 170-171

Episode 172:
1: "The two children of prophecy."

Episode 173:
1: Keyword: "maybe"
1: Since I was sleepy, I had to watch the dialogue several times over. Paused video right after Pain tells us that Yahiko died.
1: I got some yogurt and granola and was able to resume.
1: Danzo mentioned.
1: Hmm. Why have Nagato kill Yahiko and hold Konan hostage if he's gonna have Nagato killed anyways?
1: Also the caption says "Kill them." But Only Nagato is on the ground.

Episode 174:
Some day, I'll break this curse
If there is such a thing as peace, I'll seize it!
There's something more important than the method.
It's the power to believe in it!
1: The name is Naruto (actually, I might have already read that the fourth Hokage named his son after Jiraiya's character; either that or it was an earlier episode [It turns out this was indeed revealed in Shippuden Episode #133]).

Episode 175:
1: What are the rules of this jutsu? [The Naruto wiki suggests the number of people depends on the duration of death, i.e., many recent deaths or one death from long ago]
1: Huh. I didn't expect Ino to say that. "I could almost fall for him."
1: The recap in this episode is great.

# FILLER: Eps. 176-178, MOSTLY FILLER: Eps. 176, 178

Episode 179:
1: This Danzo... The not obvious villain... He gets beneath my skin...
1: It's particularly unfortunate that he was the one who caused the messenger frog to be killed. That hasn't yet to be uncovered, and perhaps it would never be uncovered given the chaos that occurred that day. It would require the frog community to question who killed the messenger and for Lady Tsunade to corroborate that she sent him to get Naruto.
1: Hmm. It's suspicious to nominate yourself.
1: Hmm. We'll see how this appointment changes. [because with all the Naruto Wiki articles I've read, I've already come across who has the title of the sixth Hokage
1: I see. The Hokage purposely put the children together due to existing group of their parents.

# FILLER: Eps. 180-196, MOSTLY FILLER: Eps. 180, 181

Episode 198:
1: That's quite a beating.
1: Hmm. Naruto looks so depressed.
1: "Fathers like to tell their sons all sorts of things, right?" - Kakashi shows to Naruto he knows their relationship.
1: Kakashi called Yamato as "Tenzo." Yamato says Kakashi's not suppose to use that name. Did they ever call him Tenzo before?
1=20180602 AM

Episode 199:
1: Lol, through the window.
1=20180602 AM

Episode 200:
1: I don't think he pitched his cause in the best way. But his going to pitch his idea and the reason behind it is very worthy of a future Hokage.

Episode 201:
1: Wow. Sai, despite being the one who has trouble understanding emotions, was able to tell Sakura that Naruto loves her.
1: Oh shit. He also likens what she made Naruto promise was like a curse mark.

Episode 203:
1: Madura claims that Naruto is a Senju (and thus would have inherited conflict with Sasuke - if inheriting such a thing were possible).
1: This Raikage is reckless. He sacrificed his left arm for an attack. And was (without interference from Gaara) going to sacrifice himself.
1: Although, I suppose one could try and carefully pull off one's skin.
1: Susanoo

Episode 204:
1: He feels imprisoned.
1: What exactly does Susanoo do?
1: She has three chakra natures.
1: This guy can fly?

Episode 206:
1: Whaa. Hinata got dibs, Sakura.
1: Oh I see. She's just putting on a front. [confirmed by flashback]
1: Wow. This is the most serious (and wise) we've probably seen from Naruto. "I hate people who lie to themselves."

Episode 209:
1: When Sasuke crushes Danzo, I thought that was anticlimactic given all the Sharingan in his arm. [but I'm soon corrected]
1: Hmm. Why would he use his Amaterasu so early (before testing/understanding his opponent)
1: I suppose now it's Sasuke's turn to be annoying (and Naruto is the grounded character). Sasuke is full of meaningless anger, just as Danzo correctly points out. [it's reiterated in the preview at the end of this episode]
1: Hmm.

Episode 210:
1: Hmm. That was just a little confusing, but apparently Madara was going to help until Sasuke actually managed to break free of the Danzo's cursed seal on his own.

Episode 211:
1: "Don't move Karin" He must mean that he would hit her where she wouldn't die. [Oh, I might be wrong here]
1: Huh. I see. This is where all the bitterness comes from. But to be fair, Danzo's heart is misplaced and he also hesitated to volunteer (as the 2nd Hokage pointed out)
1: At the end of the day, I suppose Danzo was a good person (as opposed to Sasuke's current state) and just made a series of bad decisions due to his desperate attempt at becoming hokage.

Episode 212:
1: Beyond insane for Sakura to think she could defeat Sasuke and Tobi. In particular, even several of them attacking Tobi resulted in zero progress.


Episode 214:
1: Honestly, her crush for Sasuke doesn't make sense.
1: Her running in like that... how dumb. What a terribly written character. Inoue from BLEACH was a better female character.

Episode 215:
1: That was surprising. Naruto says, "What you've been doing is... understandable." I love this wise version of Naruto!
1: Holy shit. Karin was able to go from crushing on Sasuke (and more legitimately) to realizing she shouldn't (unlike Sakura who is just blindly in love)

Episode 216:
1: Oh, I forgot that. "I used to hate you. You better not die." - Sasuke to Naruto (in an old episode, shown here as a flashback)
1: Oh. I guess in several places, but especially here, the story uses the theme of being stronger with friends (reminds me of Harry Potter vs. Voldemort)
1: Haha. That flashback. "I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed."
1: "I'm really glad I met you."
1: Naruto still smiling as Sasuke says mean things.
1: So they exchanged all those words just by fighting? Reminds me of a martial arts flick where the two fighters mentally engaged in battle before they engaged in battle (or something like that). It is actually explained later, and has to do with a flashback.
1: "If I die, we both die, Sasuke."

Episode 217:
1: Smile. Naruto lies down beside them.
1: Ha. "Hey Sai! Since when did you develop such a carefree laugh? Huh?" "Thank you." "That wasn't a compliment!"
A: "This guy is the complete opposite of Sasuke. His chakra is... so... bright and warm. What is this? Deep inside him. A chakra is so dark." Karin
1=20180610, A=20210724

Episode 218:
1: Why is it that villains want to rule the entire world or universe? Or even in the real world. Why would a ruler want to conquer as many regions as possible? Isn't there a finite amount of resources which a ruler can consume? [This page has various answers that roughly answer my question]

Episode 219:
1: Their enthusiasm is great. From the bulging eyes while running to the pans from the rubble.

Episode 220:
1: Oh... right... Sasuke acquired some power from Itachi
1: Wow, that's good. Naruto once isolated for containing the Nine Tails is now, at least by some, associated with cheer and positivity
1: Smile. This must be Konohamaru's sexy jutsu.
1: Smile. Naruto guesses it as well.
1: Smile. Shadow clone jutsu responded by the harem jutsu!

Episode 221:
1: What? Who is this character? (Snake guy with glasses) [Oh, it's Kabuto]

Episode 222
1: Poor Naruto. He just wants to eat ramen.
1: I see. As Tsunade talks to the Kage, it's likely "octopus" means Bee (which is the Eight Tails).

# FILLER: Eps. 223-242

Episode 243:
1: Ha. Definitely not a paradise.
1: Interesting that the Raikage didn't explicitly inform Killer Bee to help Naruto.
1: I would guess that Naruto would just have to emotionally connect, perhaps merge with this dark self. Because it doesn't really make sense to fight your exact self.

Episode 244:
1: So the Eight Tails lost one of his horns in this battle

Episode 245:
1: Interesting, Killer Bee feels confident Naruto will now easily pass the Waterfall of Truth.
1: Smile. The fakeout.

Episode 246:
1: My intuition was that it's his mom, but was definitely thrown off by the red hair. Also she seemed so young.
1: What a jerk (the older brother of the other kid)

Episode 247:
1: Sage Art Massive Rasengan Barrage
1: Hehe. Baby Sasuke
1: I wonder if his father was a fairly young Hokage. [In the next episode, it seems that that the Third Hokage is still around, in a manner that suggests both the Third and Fourth coexist with active roles]

Episode 248:
1: Huh. Is this summoning different than summoning an animal (requires a contract)? [Apparently the Rinnegan bypasses this]
1: Holy crap that was cool. He transported to his Kunai.
1: Wow. What a display of skill by Minato.

Episode 249:
1: The kid with a scar is Iruka.
1: Great background, sad story, happy that Naruto is happy...

Episode 250:
1: Smile. Don't sacrifice the truth for a rhyme.
1: What's often interesting about anime is lucky matchups. In this case, many other matchups would be shit. With that being said, very cool to see Guy use the seventh gate.

Episode 251:

Episode 252:
1: He's looking for Nagato's corpse
1: They were all three Jiraiya's students [oh not Madara, but Yahiko.]
1: I don't remember these events. It's actually good there are so many recaps.
1: Wait doesn't Madara already have rinnegan? [he only has 1 of 2]
1: Why is it people pass through Madara as opposed to hold something inside him

Episode 253:
1: Uzumaki?
1: pretty neat code (red and white tiles)

Episode 254:
1: Smile. I belong to this one.

Episode 255:

Episode 256:
1: Lol. The Kage complains that he might hurt his back again while carrying the huge turtle.
1. Hmm, the reanimation jutsu seems busted... like it should put a strain on the user. []

# FILLER: Eps. 257-260, MOSTLY FILLER: Ep. 257

Episode 257:
1: interesting, I was just wondering why Sasuke wants to destroy leaf village... not that this part answers that question but does reference his early goals which directly seem to be connected to the death of his clan by his brother.
1: I don't remember him stabbing himself [apparently taken out of context, he was removing poison from himself]
1=20210727 AM

Episode 258:
1: I see... these filler episodes are more like flashback episodes.
1: recapping that scaredy cat moment shows how pivotal Naruto was in Sasuke's progression.
1=20210727 AM

Episode 259:
1: oh yeah Sakura liking Sasuke because why...
1: this early clash is definitely a memorable moment between the two.
1: oh I didnt remember that at all, Naruto's seemingly small hole in the front was a large hole in the back, Sasuke was gloating because he thought his damage was greater. what's interesting is probably Naruto didnt know the magnitude of his blow.
1: [oh read the backstory and remember now. so Uchiha clan and Hidden Leaf clashing, Uchiha clan want to start a coup, Black Ops to put an end to it, Itachi (as a member of the Black Ops) was given a choice, he went with saving Hidden Leaf village and his brother Sasuke, when Sasuke learned the truth from Itachi he began to seek revenge on the Hidden Leaf Village]
1=20210727 AM

Episode 260:
1=20210727 AM

Episode 261:
1: I see so a limitation of the Resurrection jutsu is control.
1: I don't know, I feel like Orochimaru was a likeable villain whereas Kabuto... he feels unmotivated
1=20210727 AM

Episode 262:
1=20210727 AM

Episode 263:
1: last episode for the night.
1: hmm, that's an extreme practice (two candidates fight to the death); I wonder if it was an approved practice; well I guess eliminate all the Uchiha was also extreme, because why not just imprisonment
1: ah more workaround to Reanimation: to free spirit.
1=20210727 AM

Episode 264:
1: hmm, Kabuto didnt show Madara how to stop Reanimation jutsu, he just talked about it.
1=20210727 AM

Episode 269:
1: This episode was hard to follow, perhaps because I have to read the subtitles and understand the word game of the subtitles [looking up the summary, it seems there was a loss in translation as he did apparently say his most-used word which is why he got sucked in; his most said word changed on his way in which the show did a good job of explaining through dialogue]

# FILLER: Ep. 271

Episode 272:
1: I guess it makes sense from a viewer interest point of view that not every resurrected enemy can simply be made to pass on via some emotional resolution. However, sometimes it feels like an enemy would be resolved
1=20210728 AM

Episode 274:
1: "You're idea of kindness is wrong here!" This is a sentiment I've covered before in my blog. The main idea was that sometimes we do thing which we think are kind, but they actually result in harm or bad. In different words, it can sometimes be better to take an action which seems suboptimal in the present in order to achieve more positive results in the future.
1=20210728 AM

Episode 276:
1: Seems strategically silly for him to retreat all the reanimated beings. Since it seems implied the reanimated don't tire or at least don't die, so then just continue to wear out the enemy forces.
1: The one Kage soon mentions the same: "I should think the wiser move with the Reanimation is to keep raising the dead and fight hard."
1: Gaar then asks "So are you saying they have a better plan than that?"
1=20210728 AM

Episode 277:
1: Oh that's cute, even young Hinata was rooting for Naruto.
1=20210728 AM

Episode 278:

# FILLER: Eps. 279-281

Episode 282:
1: hahaha "the Hokages jugs are definitely immense."
1: interesting... "we're bumping fists but you can't read my soul bro?"
1: oh... plot twist, they aren't brothers by blood.

Episode 283:
1: My thought would be that Naruto uses Nine Tails to counter. But apparently he just dodged.
1: So Naruto was able to dodge without using transportation jutsu?

# FILLER: Eps. 284-295

Episode 296:
1a: Following filler episodes, this episode begins with a recap (presumably of the canon episodes)
1b: I thought there was something about simultaneous use of Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and shadow clone [yes, confirmed by the Wiki: since the Nine-Tails currently does not cooperate with Naruto, then Naruto must "be careful of how long he uses the form for and how many shadow clones he creates, as doing too many only increases the risk" "that the Nine-Tails will take that shelved chakra, resulting in Naruto's death."]
1b: He thought the wave was coming from the One-Tail, but it was coming from Gaara
1a=20210728,* 1b=20210731
*For simplicity, I omitted this from the overall log.

Episode 297:
1: Hmm. I can see the Kage's core logic, but there are probably good alternatives aside from taking away the pieces that help hold your son together.
1: For the record: "I ordered Yashamaru to lie to you."

Episode 298:
1: I was momentarily confused before remembering that Nagato and Pain are the same person.

Episode 299:
1: Hehe. Good thing Itachi is calm and tactical.
1: Nice run through of persons important to Naruto.

Episode 300:
1: Hehe. "I'm totally ready to be sealed."
1: Eighteen minutes into the episode, when the one guy covers the other guys mouth. I'm not sure what that means. But it occurred to me that if the clam is projecting an area genjutsu, you'd know where the clam were if you went beyond the area of effect.

Episode 301:
1: "There is! It's me!"
1: Sealing is almost like throwing a pokeball.
1: These shinobi are fearless. What's the point of them standing there if they're outclassed?
1: Wow. Naruto actually put some thought to that face-off... Very surprising

Episode 302:
1: Oh what the... the one that fought the Raikage was just a clone!?! [It's confirmed in Ep 321 when Bee says, "Anyways, one of your clones contacted me."]

# FILLER: Eps. 303-320

Episode 321:
1: Exactly: "Sometimes a lucky guess ends up correct."
1: Who is Nawaki?
1: Oh, everyone is only just learning that the Tobi Madara is not the real Madara.

Episode 322:
1: "Rubber pops, I'm just a clone, so why did you..." "I feel bad for the others. But clone or not, you are needed here." (the value of a clone Naruto!!!)

Episode 323:
1: The number of different moves that Naruto has used in these last number of episodes is amazing.
1: "We'll win!" - the five Kage

Episode 324:
1: I'm not sure about these yet, but reanimated Jinchuriki shouldn't have their original Tails spirit in them. Since it seems to me that the Tails spirit is an entity distinct from the Jinchuriki. In fact, I feel like that should be the limitation. Reanimated persons should only be buckets that can be filled with chakra and the summoner should be the one to fill that chakra [the summon requires a sacrifice, that sacrifice should be the source of chakra with a sacrifice that's low on chakra meaning that the summon only has that much chakra][It's possible what I mentioned is partly true].
1: It is revealed to the audience the ace in the box in the conversation between Kabuto and Tobi was in fact Madara.

Episode 325:
1: Oh, it is hypothesized by the Eight Tails beast that the Tailed Beasts were added back into the reanimated Jinchuriki
1: Smile. "At first I thought it was her nip..."
1: Hehe. Close call. Kakashi and Might Guy show up; and by Tobi's interpretation, they strategically did so by waiting for him to materialize

Episode 326:
1: Hahahaha. "Got to hand it to you Kakashi, your skills of deduction are impressive" (after Kakashi only repeated what Naruto said)
1: Hmm. Well it's not Naruto's fault...


Episode 327:
1=20210802 AM

Episode 330:
1: When the footsteps were revealed to be Sasuke's, I thought, "Oh no, this asshole."

Episode 3XX:

Episode 3XX:

Episode 331:
1: Karin escaping; sneaky.
1=20210805 AM

Episode 332:
1: Fusion.
1: every jutsu has a weakness.
1=20210805 AM

Episode 333:
1: wow, what a threat: would you like these clones to use susano or not?
1=20210805 AM

Episode 334:
1: Okay... I guess worse than Sasuke is Kabuto...

Episode 336:
1: What an intense backstory. The whole part about the Foundation setting Mother against Kabuto doesn't make sense (or at the least very hard to follow).

Episode 337:
1: Izanami. Did Itachi use this before? Against Sasuke?

Episode 338:
1: Huh. I don't understand this explanation. He first mentioned physical senses. And then talked about how he created a loop. [After he talks about the history, I kind of get it. The Izanami isn't about eyesight, it's about the senses. In Kabuto's loop, the primary examples are the feeling of the water drop on his shoulder and the sound of stepping on the feather.]

Episode 339:
1: Uh... Well to be fair this is a Madara with the first Hokage attached plus benefits of reanimation.
1: Hehe. In this last moment he in fact did not tap Sasuke's forehead.
1: So the Reanimation jutsu is stopped, but what's to stop Kabuto from using it again?

Episode 340:
1: I'm a little surprised that spirits that were sealed are also freed.
1: "Rescind the contract." WTF.

Episode 341:
1: Finally Sasuke's arc is coming around, i.e., the potential for him to have a change of heart is materializing.

Episode 342:
1: That Might Guy reversing the nunchuka was cool.
1: Huh a crack?
1: So I guess somehow the teleportation simultaneous with the jutsu occupies the same space.
1: Aww... not quite tearjerker, maybe half (Karama vouches for Naruto)

Episode 343:
1: Damn, next level strategy, though technically they made the clone poof noise so that's misleading...

Episode 344:
1: Hmm I think the idea that he broke reanimation juts but might still have infinite chakra to be silly...
1: I guess even the reanimated Shinobi with infinite chakra seems silly because chakra should have a source.
1: Obito's backstory is mildly interesting.

# FILLER: Eps. 347-361, MOSTLY FILLER: Eps. 350, 351, 360
# (Recommended) FILLER: Eps 349-361

Episode 347:
1: Freaking Danzo

Episode 349:
1: Sit your ass down, Danzo.

Episode 350:
1: I see. Of all days to have Kakashi take the day off.
1: Oh no! I mean this is filler. But according to this, it was Kakashi that inadvertently tipped off Obito to the pregnancy.

Episode 358:
1: Holy crap Danzos blame for so much runs deep (being the one to cause 24-hour surveillance of Uchiha clan after the Nine Tails incident, directly against the logic of the third Hokage). I almost don't like watching because of Danzo. It's different than an antagonist like Madara, i.e., sure these different antagonists have these extreme ideals and wishes but some are entertaining whereas Danzo's ways are evil and detestable.
1: Oh okay, Itachi takes Shisui eye and hides it as a crow.

Episode 359:
1: Hmm, twist was that Hiruzen had some knowledge when it came to Itachi.
1: Ah, the moment Hiruzen makes Kakashi a Jonin.

Episode 360:
1: haha their tired slap.

Episode 362:
1: I guess the annoying thing with obito is he abandoned his own philosphies
1: "I'll never let my comrades die!" At first I was surprised he happened to say something so close to Kakashi's situation, but then I remembered that was essentially the first thing he taught Team 7.

Episode 363:
1: Hehe. It's like the megazord fights in Power Rangers.

Episode 364:
1: Smart that Madara took out the brains of the Allied Forces. But how did he know where they were located. I suppose the Allied Forces would never have a reason to prepare defenses against that sort of power.

Episode 365:
1: "Except for one thing, you're no longer Hebi."

Episode 368:
1: Hashirama's father looks like Danzo

Episode 373:
1: After Sakura unleases her punch, Naruto thinks "I am never, ever talking back to Sakura ever again."
1: Hahaha. I know that it's typical for a regular shinobi to make just one shadow clone, but I couldn't help but laugh when Kiba used it.
1: The next generation of the Sannin... at least they have the summoning part down :D
Episode 375:
1: Wow this Obito Kakashi fight is probably the best fight in the series so far. Or at least top 5. Others I remember are Naruto vs Sasuke at the falls. This one was fast-paced and extended.
1: Hmm when did the Fourth realize Obito was the same opponent, or is it that he can sense the teleportation mark [the technique is called Flying Thunder God Jutsu (Viz print media) / Flying Riajin Jutsu (English anime); ]
1: "the Schorch Style Nimbus Gale Jet Black Arrow Formation Zero!"

# FILLER: Eps. 376-377

Episode 378:
haha, Naruto says the second hokage copied flying raijin from his dad Minato, but the second hokage corrects Naruto and says it's the other way around

Episode 379:
stroke of luck with Gamakichi's parting gift, smart Naruto.

Episode 382:
Hmm, I could understand Negi dying, since his power overlaps with Hinata, but Shikamaru doesn't have an equivalent...

Episode 384:
(I believe this is what Madara did once before).
Huh. Nine friends not including Sakura; I try to name them: Sai, Lee, Tenten, Shika, Ino, Chogi, Hinata and then... I can't remember Hinata's teammates [Kiba and Shino].


# FILLER: Eps. 388-390, MOSTLY FILLER: Ep. 388

Episode 389:
Hmm, it seems like Hinata was more skilled than Hanabi, but didn't have the intent to defeat her, and Hanabi being too young was just intent on winning the match, with that being said, Hanabi was quite skilled taking into account that she was five years younger.

Episode 392:
1: Hmm. Are there rules for what it takes to break out of a seal? I feel like this is being done just for convenience of the story. [apparently there was presidence set by Sasuke using his Susano'o to break out of Danzo's seal]
1: Huh. He didn't have to remove an eye first?
1: Interesting. He loves the feel of battle yet embarks on putting the entire world under a jutsu for peace.

Episode 393:
1: Oh I see. Removal of Kurama from Naruto is suppose to be like instadeath - at least I think. So Kurama is likely asking for a favor from Gaara in this aspect. We'll see.
1: Oh wow. Lord Third can do all the elements?

# FILLER: Eps. 394-413

Episode 414:
1: Lol. Holy crap. Sakura makes an incision, sticks her hand in, and starts squeezing the heart. What about traditional CPR?
1: Huh. They have some strength (Sasuke's team and Orochimaru).
1: Huh. Are these tools going to come back and bite him?

# FILLER: Eps. 416-417, MOSTLY FILLER: Ep. 417


Episode 419:
1: Huh. I didn't know Kakashi can do so many shadow clones.
1: What are they laughing about? How many can they do?

Episode 421: 1: Oh. They explain that Obito purposely pulled the one and two tails chakra so that Naruto can have chakra from each Tailed Beast. I totally didn't realize.

# FILLER: Eps. 422-423

Episode 424:
1: His nine tail sage mode indication is now only in the iris.
1: BIG SMILE. "Why am I here?"
1: I'm thinking Obito wasn't brave like Rin. Rin rammed herself into Kakashi's chidori. He could have rammed his eye into her kunai. [it's explained in the next episode]

Episode 425:
1: The manipulation by Madara ran deep

Episode 426:
1b: Finally Yamato is back!
1b: And there he goes...
1b: So Tenten with the Sage tools isn't going to be a thing?
1b: I would predict (Kakashi is holding his hand out to Yamato) that Yamato would attack him
1b: Huh. Odd.

# FILLER: Eps. 427-457, MOSTLY FILLER: Eps. 427, 451-457

Episode 427:
1: Oh, I guess Tenten sealed the tools so that she could go ask the cloud how to use them.
1: I feel like there'd bound to be some ninja who would be able to break out of this genjutsu... the dream world appears to act like The Matrix and over time people (like in the movie) figure out that it's The Matrix.
1: "Menma"

Episode 428:
0: I didn't watch this episode, but I read the summary

# MOSTLY FILLER: Eps. 460-461

# FILLER: Eps. 464-469, MOSTLY FILLER: Ep. 469

# FILLER: Eps. 480-483

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