Minions (2015)

Kevin (left), Bob (center), and Stuart (right)

Having enjoyed Despicable Me (2010), I was fairly certain I would enjoy Minions. At the same time, I had no idea what the movie would be about. In particular, I didn't know that it was essentially a prequel to Despicable Me.

The Minions (Pierre Coffin) are born.

In the end, I did in fact enjoy the movie, but I would note that it was not as well-balanced a movie as Despicable Me. Elaborating, Minions was all-around funnier than Despicable Me, but had a weaker story.

As for the ending (spoiler alert), Gru's appearance at the end of the film was unexciting.


I watched bits and pieces of this movie today with Ada. Though a big reason I missed part of the film was that my car was being towed away!

Note to Self: If the opportunity arises, replace some of the screenshots with other characters (e.g., Herb Overkill (Jon Hamm), Walter Nelson (Michael Keaton), Madge Nelson (Allison Janney), and The Queen (Jennifer Saunders)).

Instant Comments:
1: The fanfare.

Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock)

1: On Netflix, when the Minions speak their own language, the closed caption just says "[Minionese]".
1: Hehe. They get their uniform.
1: Huh, this is a prequel and takes place in 1978. When does Despicable Me take place? That is, how old is protagonist of Despicable Me in this film (if he's alive).
1: Bewitched. The Dating Game.

1: Lol. They are quick to adapt to the technology.
1: Ha. Instructions to Orlando from a baby.
1: Even the cat has a mask.
1: Is the baby of the family Gru?
1: I totally didn't think about how Orlando in 1978 would mostly just be swampland.
1: "It's so much fun, it's a crime."

While Stuart and Kevin shiver in fear, Bob finds the threatening fairy tale delightful.

1: "LUV2ROB"
1: Haha. "Way to go guys. We killed the original."
1: "Make 'em laugh!" (Singing in the Rain)
1: "Do you know who this is?" "Eh. La cucaracha?"
1: "Respect. Power." "Banana!"
1: Peter and the Wolf plays during the story.
1: Haha. Bob liked the story.

1: Haha. Quite the twist ending to the chase.
1: Lol. They get in the way of the moon landing recording.
1: The Beatles walk in front of Westminster Abbey
1: "Mind the gap!"
1: Looks like Rambo.
1: Lol. Funny gag ("Do not...")
1: Hmm. How did he live?

After the credits: Revolution by The Beatles.

1: Smashes the guitar after playing a bit of Eruption by Van Halen.
1: Hmm, if Scarlet lived then it makes sense that Kevin lived.

1: Minions and cast perform The Beatle's Revolution after the credits end. There are a couple 3D gags.
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Minions (2015) Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin.* 91 min
*Pierre Coffin is also the voice of the minions.

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