The Little Rascals (1994)

Watched several times when I was younger.
Watched 20160506 (Netflix, Instant)
The Little Rascals (1994) Penelope Spheeris. 82 min [adapted from Our Gang (1922-1944) by Hal Roach]

Spanky (Travis Tedford)

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20160506: [20160531]
A movie that I watched many times as a kid, The Little Rascals is a family comedy that's full of fun and laughs. Furthermore, somewhere in the middle of all the comedy, there lies themes of friendship and gender equality.

Stymie (Kevin Jamal Woods)

Without going into detail, The Little Rascals should bring a good one and a half hour of entertainment to kids and adults alike.

While I would venture to recommend the film, that recommendation would surely come with a childhood bias.

Instant Comments:
Haha, that fishing scene defies the laws of physics

Buckwheat (Ross Elliot Bagley)

"What's it say?" "We gotta learn to read."
"Your fly's undone."
I don't know if I ever noticed that as a kid. Spanky details that the prize this year is presented by A.J. Ferguson and Stymie uses the pronoun 'he.'
Kitty litter!!! Gross. ["That wasn't sand, that was kitty litter."]

Porky (Zachary Mabry)

"The dentist pulled my wisdom teeth." I probably didn't realize what that was back then.
Lol, that passing the bucket bit is pretty funny.
"Quick, what's the number for 911?"
Ha! They're right across from the station.
"Wow, that is fast."

Spanky and Alfalfa (Bug Hall)

"Why am I soaking wet?" "Don't worry alfalfa, I used to have the same problem." [I don't think I got that one when I was younger.]
The Olsen twins! [in tandem] "Are you sure?"
"They like to moon ya." "No, we don't."
Hahaha. "You know what they say. Wood doesn't grow on trees."
"If we were your kids we'd punish ourselves!"

Darla (Brittany Ashton Holmes)

"What was number 2?" [Haha, another joke I definitely didn't understand.]
Huh. In that short time they already got to his house and jumped in the pool!?!
Who sings this song? [It is "Love Has No Pride" written by Eric Kaz and Libby Titus, performed by Rosanne Cash*]
At 1 hr 7 min: "You little rascals!"

Top: Rascal, Rascal, Uh-Huh (Courtland Mead), Rascal
Bottom: Porky, Stymie, Froggy (Jordan Warkol),** Buckwheat, Rascal, Rascal, Petey (Himself)

Lol. In hindsight, this race was terribly officiated. They possibly took a longer route which was somehow a shorter route. And technically the solar powered car with a single rider should definitely be disqualified...
"Winner by a hair, yes!"
"Well don't that beat all."
"Is that a cowlick, or you just glad to see me?"

Waldo's Dad (Donald Trump)

"Say, let's even things up and put one on this side."
"Actually I've always had a rather extensive vocabulary. Not to mention a phenomenal grasp of grammar and a superlative command of syntax. I simply chose not to employ them."
I love the outtakes.

(Reba McEntire)

Oh, the bank loan approval employee was Mel Brooks.
Lol, in one of the scenes during the credits, two bubbles pop on Ms. Crabtree's (Daryl Hannah) breasts! What the heck!

*Interestingly, her father, Johnny Cash, is listed as one of the people who've performed the song, but not her.
**E.G. Daily (voice of Tommy Pickles 1991-2004 and Buttercup 1998-2005) did the voice for Froggy.

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