The Mummy (1999)

Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) and Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz)

The Mummy was all-around a solid film. While released in 1999, several of the special effects were still neat, such as Imhotep's incomplete form and the face-embedded sandstorm.

I would, however, find flaw with various scenes which don't make absolutely no sense. Avoiding any spoilers, what I'm talking about is akin to a villain arrogantly divulging his/her plot to the superhero, except worse.

Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo)

In the end, it's an all-around enjoyable movie and I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it again, but wouldn't mind if the situation naturally arose.

Instant Comments:
So I remember none of the introduction. It's possible I've only seen this movie in bits and pieces.
So on the one hand they punished him, but on the other they also created a deadly weapon? What the fuck?

Haha, great comedy, but poorly secured shelves. :p
Ha. I was wearing headphones and that shriek jump scare was definitely surprising.
Ha! "Twenty-five!"
Lol. She remembered the map but not the key?
"Hey Benny! Looks to me like you're on the wrong side of the river!"

Anck Su Namun (Patricia Velasquez)

Lol, that scarab crawling around is pretty disgusting.
Why would you make a key for a deadly weapon?
Glenlivet 14 years.
"He's still... He's still..." "Juicy."
Lol. Sure. Read the book out loud in its native language... Silly girl. "NOO! YOU MUST NOT READ FROM THE BOOK!"

How is it possible that neither the librarian nor the magi know the language even half as well as Evelynn?
Opens his one-handed blade to remove the scarab. Then shoots it dead.
"Bembridge scholars never wrote about this."
Hehe, shoots the one mirror to reflect in the right direction.
That's a lot of gold.

Evelyn Carnahan, Rick O' Connell, and Jonathan Carnahan (John Hannah)

Hehe, uses the magi's beard/chin to light the match.
Huh, a couple of the notes sounded like they were from Star Wars.
It's unclear to me why he stopped the ritual. What threat did the book have at that moment?
When he grabs the hand which grabs the sword is one of the cooler scenes so far.
Can't Imhoptep pick up the book and read from it?

Lol, he had brought out so much...


Seen bits and pieces before.
Watched 20160511 (Netflix, Instant)
The Mummy (1999) Stephen Sommers. 125 min

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