Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

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Lars and the Real Girl (2007) Craig Gillespie. 106 min

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I didn't know what to make of the film as it started, but I know it was enjoying to watch and I loved the movie as a whole. Ryan Gosling did a good job, but I was much more drawn in by Emily Mortimer and Patricia Clarkson's characters.

I also love the happier pieces of music in the movie. I feel like the same sound has been used in other movies as well, but I like the sound, so I don't care.

Overall, the movie wasn't as funny or charming as Sleepwalk with Me (2012), but it was more linear and dramatic. I recommend you watch Lars and the Real Girl at least once.

Instant Comments:
Hahaha. Hahaha. Hahaha. He throws the flower away.
Haha. The doctor took the doll's blood pressure. "Her blood pressure's low." Smart doctor. Knows how to be subtle and observe the situation.
Haha. "She likes kids."
Ha. "Does she have a sister."
Right... he's projecting.
I like how they gave the female co-worker a supportive nature. Actually the females are more supportive than the males on average.

Oh wow. It makes so much more sense at the 58 minute mark.
It's so heartwarming to have the community getting into it.
I'm thinking the doctor should communicate some sort of progress to the brother and his wife.
Oh wow. After Emily Mortimer yells at Ryan Gosling, which is great, with her crackling voice, that's such a moment. Well first I was afraid for her with his swinging the axe around.
Then his brother walks in and there's a moment that goes on there.

I love the happy type of music playing at the 1 hour 22 minute mark. You get the piano with a sort of staccato string instruments plucking over it. Very upbeat and happy sounding.
OMG. At the 1 hour 24 minute mark. That's so special. At least my interpretation of the moment. But I don't know how much the girl knows how special that moment is.
"Call 911!" Hehe. I mean it sort of makes sense.
Strange how everybody is taking the news. Its like she became part of their lives as much as she became a part of his.
The happy music starts again at the 1 hour 42 minute mark! Violins.
A different song with flute and bass.

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