The Lorax (2012)

This movie was enjoying to watch. It was filled with action and lots of fun.

The Lorax (Danny DeVito)

However, this movie has some poor reviews and many people have complained that the movie doesn't capture the essence of the book. Since I haven't read the book, I can't relate with this complaint. I could only enjoy the movie for what it was.

Three related points:
1) It is fair for someone to make a review within a certain frame, but the review may not extend outside of the frame. For example, the statement "this movie is bad because it was not as good as the book" is applicable to those who've read the book and are concerned with an accurate reproduction.
2) A person's perceptions and opinions are affected by their cumulative experiences.
3) Don't just look at the numbers (e.g., 6.4* out of 10 on Instead, read what the reviewers are saying. For example, someone gives a knife block 1 out of 5 stars, but says "I love the type of wood used and the quality is top-notch. Unfortunately, it only holds 15 knives and I wish it held 20."

Ted (Zac Efron)

Reiterating, I enjoyed the film. It was fast-paced, I liked the musical numbers, and it was also funny.

If you're looking for a movie full of Dr. Seuss rhymes, then you won't get it here. But if you're just looking for a solid children's 3D animation, then you should check this out. However, if you don't like movies that contain environmentalist and/or anti-capitalist themes, e.g., Avatar (2009) and FernGully (1992)], then you might consider passing this movie by.

*6.4 was the rating as of 20190118.

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20210123: Today I watched a film with my son. I had forgotten the plot, but there were two or three good songs in it. Furthermore, the movie mostly kept my son's attention for the first two-thirds of the movie.

Grammy Norma (Betty White)

Random comments:
I'm surprised the boy was able to leave on the second day - it's not explained how.
I didn't remember the ending at all, so it was quite a surprise to me with the whole opening of the wall.
Haha Aloysius O'Hare's solo ending in "let it die" was expected but musically it was kind of a break in the song's flow... With that being said, I like the song ("Let It Grow")
It's interesting that there was very few rhyming done in film.
I can't remember, but there were some hilarious moments.

Instant comments:
1: Wow, a musical number for an introduction.
1: The grandmother is awesome.
1: Haha. The jump.
1: I'm loving the pace of the movie.

The Once-ler (Ed Helms)

1: Haha. The big bear carries the small rock and the fish rolls the large rock.
1: Oh my, haha that grandma is cool! (family time is over, ha)
1: Once-ler: Really? Because when a guy does something stupid once, well that's because he's a guy. But if he does the same stupid thing twice, that's usually to impress some girl.
1: Smile. Mission: Impossible theme.
1: Ha. They're playing different games.
1: "The tree falls the way it leans. Be careful which way you lean."
1: Hahahahahahaha. "Let it die." Silly O'Hare. Granted its a funny punchline.
1: "Let it grow!"

1: Main credits start with some 3D animation and then eventually transition to 2D artwork as would be seen in a Dr. Seuss book. Credits roll vertically up as the 2D artwork scrolls down.
Audrey (Taylor Swift)

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The Lorax (2012) Chris Renaud, Kyle Balda. 86 min [botbotsn (1971) by Dr. Seuss]

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