Archer Season 9

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Today I started and finished this season. It's been over a year since I watched the show, so I had forgotten what had happened in the previous seasons. I looked around and read some synopses to catch myself up. In short, Archer fell into a coma at the end of Season 7, and Seasons 8, 9 and 10 take place in Archer's head - each taking on a different theme. The three seasons are subtitled Dreamland, Danger Island, and 1999, respectively.
Archer: Danger Island
"consensual buggery"
hehe the macaw is a gonna be a character (at least I noticed him during the credits and given the characteristic he's been given of talking at a proficiency well beyond a normal macaw it seems he will be)
hmm I thought this character was just pretending to be police. so apparently this is probably like another version of Archer swimming. we have Ray is the police, Cheryl is Charlotte, and Dr. Krieger is the macaw [Crackers] lol Fuchs (sounds like "fuck").
hehe the fuel pump starts working again. I had a different feeling where he knew he was going to land fine but wanted everybody out of the plane for shits and giggles.

the caption still refers to him as Cyril
pretty cool. and given that the snake died... it's probably a good thing he almost got killed by the snake
jesus what is the h for christ
hehe... is that her shit? she tasted her finger...
hehe spoiler chocolates
hehe 60 40.
ha. I laughed at Pam's fart in his face. I think it wasnt just the fart itself though. the entire lead up was good.

hehe. "I don't think that's a thing yet" Archer commenting on Pam's use of "Catch-22"
hehe. not as much as that map

smile. jar of coconut butter.

hehe. "why arent you sinking?"

Hehe. Still craving the oysters.
Smile. Cheryl/Charlotte was able to read the footprints
Smile. "This guy has ringworm"
Did Archer just instinctively act to save the natives?

Hehe. Meta comment: montage
Stuka pills. [Apparently they were a real thing; the Wikipedia article for it is D-IX - 5 mg oxycodone (Eukodal), 5 mg cocain, and 3 mg methampehtamine (Pervitin)]
Hahahaha. haha. "Do you want to snort a line off my cock?" (in German)
Hehe. "Oysters"

They talk about The Hobbit which they put into perspective as being released in 1937 which was a year ago
Lol. It seems they lucked out in coming with many people (to sit on six stones)
Oh, the one guy got off his pillar but the mouth is still open.
Delayed laughter. Cheryl simply says, "No, thank you" in reply to Cyril's "Perhaps I can help."
Smile. "We were this close to banging." "No we weren't." "This close."
The episode ends with a preview of the next setting. The cast are being woken up from cryo sleep aboard some kind of space craft.

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