Archer Season 1

[Part of TV Series: Archer]

1: HAHA turn it on I can do both
1: Haha just the tip. Lunch. Just the tip.
1: Erection
O: "Do you want ants? Cause that's how you get ants."

1: Haha herpes
1: Haha three guys... maybe not assassins
1: call girl when dead is just hooker haha
2: Rain Man
2: "Oh shit, my rug!"
1=20121030, 2=20160902

S01E01. Just the tip.

1: Haha. Loose cannons.
2: The Lord of the Rings reference
1: LOL: OMG I hope I'm pregnant
1: OMFG the hand
1=20121030, 2=20160902

2: I Dream of Jeannie
2: Ha. Yeah, pills in mislabeled bottles only helps if someone CAN read English.
1: LOL, he cupped her gun. 2: Her boobs move.
2: Fister Roboto
1: Smile: it smells vaguely poisonous.
2: "Team-building exercise."
1: This episode had the strangest resolution.
1=20121117, 2=20160902

1: Was that Pam's face that came up on the computer?
1,2: You sneeze glitter
1: Haha: Poach a damn egg properly. Her clothes off the balcony.
1: Hahaha: "burying a Dominican guy's rooster." "Fun. Oh you mean literally."
1: LOL: The secretary's description of the fireman's droll landing onto the popped out eyeball. Funny for the shock factor.
1=20121118, 2=20160902

1: Huh, he's reading the same magazine that was being read by the guys in the previous episode.
2: "I've had good results with ether."
1: Hahaha @ ending: womp womp.
1=20121118, 2=20160902


1,2: "Lana. Lana. Lana!!!" "What!?!" "Danger zone." (hahaha)
1: What are you doing? Go after him. You think I should? Yes, we're out of fruit.
1: Hahahahahahahaha: Mancy.
1: Haha: Hooray for metaphors.
1: Oh so sad. Archer by himself
1=20121118, 2=20160902

2: "The Chianti was definitely flowing"
2: This entire conversation that follows:
Malory: [...] You want to play me hard?!
Archer: Phrasing.
Trexler: You have no idea.
Malory: Well, then, you better nut up!
Archer: Phrasing.
Malory: Because I've swallowed just about as much as I can take from you!
Archer: Hey! Phrasing!
2: References Deliverance
1=20121118, 2=20160902


2: Ha, his box of belongings has condoms hanging out of it.
2: "Then we'll see how long Sterling can go without suckling at my teat!"
2: Aww. "Made a lot of good friends." [cuts to a scene of young Archer by himself]
1: I don't entirely follow, if Framboise and Barry were engaged to be engaged, why would she do that with Archer so willingly.
1: Good ending ("Are you wearing a seatbelt?")
1=20121118, 2=20160902

2: "What is this?" "You mean, besides incredibly awkward?"
1: The full extent of Cyril's cheating discovered
2: "Nobody's that gay"
2: References Full Metal Jacket.
2: References Schindler's List.
1: Excelsior? What was that from?
1: Huh. Good parts here and there. but like episode 4, the ending just sort of ignores some of the events. Maybe its in the same vein as other spy movies
1=20121118, 2=20160902

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