Archer Season 7

[Part of TV Series: Archer]

I liked this season. It was a good season.

Today I watched the first few minutes of the first episode (S7E01) and then all of the last episode (S7E10).
1: LOL. We learn that when Pam had sex with Malory (way back when) it involved a dildo
1: LOL, Lana at the door. Lana did put them on a break. [In the next scene, Archer mentions this first]

1: "That'll do pig, that'll do."
1: Ah. And we finally get to the beginning of S7E1.
A: "Do you... like it around the rim?" 1: "Goodnight, sweet prince."
1: What!?!?!
A: Huh. I did not remember that twist. My guess is second cyborg... though presumably they'd do an autopsy. So we'll just have to see how Archer survives.
1=20170416, A=20210926

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