High Noon (1952)

I think this movie has a lot of fluff in it and I don't think it does a good job of showing me why I should care for the protagonist.

Marshal Will Kane (Gary Cooper) and Amy Fowler Kane (Grace Kelly)

I guess the audience is suppose to pity the fact that the protagonist is alone, but the movie itself presents the question of why he just doesn't leave for the sake of the town. Some people in the town welcome the gang and some don't. As a viewer, why then should I maintain pity for the protagonist?

After the antagonist Frank Miller (Ian MacDonald) arrives in town, the resolution is quick, simple, and uninteresting.

From left to right: Jim Pierce (Robert J. Wilke), Jack Colby (Lee Van Cleef), and Ben Miller (Sheb Wooley),

On a different note, Grace Kelly is gorgeous.

I'd also like to add I like the main theme song.

In any case, you might find something worth watching in this classic western, but aside from Grace Kelly, the best thing I can say at the moment is it's one less western I haven't seen.

Helen Ramírez (Katy Jurado) and Deputy Marshal Harvel Pell (Lloyd Bridges)

Watching this movie again, I don't think I understood it anymore than I did the last time I saw it.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, the movie has all these little scenes that take place and I found they didn't add anything to the story.

Frank Miller (Ian MacDonald)

Unless I'm missing something truly deep and profound, I think this movie does more wrong than right. In particular, even the ending is a bit unsatisfying.

It should be noted, however, that this movie won four Oscars ("best actor in a leading role," "best film editing," "best music, original song," and "best music, scoring of a dramatic or comedy picture") and well-liked.

Helen boards the noon train.

Instant Comments:
So initially I wondered, like in my previous entry, why Marshal Will Kane (Gary Cooper) comes back.
He does, however, explain his own reasons for coming back.
In the next scene, we get the judge's take on things. He himself is packing up to leave and, in his opinion, thought Kane shouldn't have come back.

Frank finds Amy.

Burn. She tells Harvey that the difference between Kane and Harvey is that Kane is a man.
In the big meeting that interrupts the church service (about the 46 minute mark), a lot of discussion goes on. One of the bigger solutions is that Kane should leave and that would avoid the entire situation between him and Miller altogether.

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High Noon (1952) Fred Zinnemann. 85 min

Marshal Will Kane runs into Ben Miller.

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