Four Christmases (2008)

Review (No/Little Spoilers):
I hadn't seen any previews for this movie, so I had absolutely no idea what this movie was about. As such, I liked the introduction to slash first part of this movie, because there is an element of surprise. While there are some funny scenes scattered throughout the movie, there aren't enough, and most aren't funny enough to make the movie a good comedy. (Legally Blonde was a better comedy.) The development of the conflict was okay, but the conflict and resolution lacked suspense. There's no feeling of "is he going to get her back?" or "is he going to get her in time?" Thus, the movie fails to be a good romance movie.

Summary (Possible Spoilers):
Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon play a couple, Brad and Kate, who come from dysfunctional families and this causes them to avoid getting married and living a carefree, fun lifestyle. In past Christmases (two or three) they have gone off on vacation and tell their parents they are doing charity work, etc. This Christmas, However, their flight to Fiji has been cancelled and they are caught red-handed. They now have to visit their families, and because their parents are divorced, this makes four Christmases. Brad's dad, Kate's mom, Brad's mom, and finally Kate's dad. The funny scenes: @Brad's dad's: UFC, Brad's nephew streaks, setting up satellite dish @Kate's mom's: bounce house with pregnancy test, Joseph and Mary @Brad's mom's: his best friend with his mom, Taboo @Kate's dad's: Brad returns @End: Same camera crew that started it all, barges in.

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Watched 20091215 on flight to California.
Four Christmases

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