Enchanted (2007)

20091222, 20091224:
Amy Adams! She played Susan in Talladega Nights and played Brenda Strong in Catch Me If You Can. I've seen Patrick Dempsey in the television series Grey's Anatomy and also in the romantic comedy Made of Honor (in-flight movie between Maryland and California). James Marsden played Scott Summers (Cyclops) from the X-Men movies, John Wilkes Booth from Zoolander (2001), and Richard White from Superman Returns. Timothy Spall! (Harry Potter series and Sweeney Todd)

The songs catch on quickly. I love the character development throughout the movie. Especially Giselle who starts out from a completely different world and behaves so differently from the people of New York (stereotyped). I quickly got into the movie, mainly because I love these types of movies.

For example, when the Ogre sings, "True... love's... kiss..." Or the song I heard before I even watched Enchanted: "That's How You Know." I love the beat in that song. It's hilarious when Robert says, "He knows the song too? I've never heard this song before! What the hell is it?"

Alan Menken's music is awesome.

[20091225 1:15 PM]

I didn't read my post above and so I was surprised for a second time to look up on IMDb.com that James Marsden played Scott Summers (Cyclops) in the X-Men movies.

I only watched the movie once before today, but I have listened to the soundtrack a number of times and as a consequence felt like I've see the movie the movie many times already. My sister says she's probably seen it at least ten times by now. That created a strong desire for me to watch it. However, between Enchanted and Letters from Iwo Jima (2006), I decided to watch the more serious-toned Letters from Iwo Jima first.

Enchanted is a great family movie, a great love story, a great musical, and simply magical. It has a great cast, a unique introduction, and a unique ending. Musicals are great movies to watch again and again, and this movie is no exception. If you haven't seen Enchanted before, and any of the previous descriptors tickles your fancy, please give the movie a chance.

Instant Comments:
2: I forgot that the beginning is animated.
2: @5 minutes Ogre sings "True love's kiss."
2: ::smile:: Amy Adams in a big puffy dress in NYC. "Grumpy"
2: ::smile:: pigeon eats cockroach.
2: hahaha "I don't know if you're waiting for Prince Charming or what?" "Prince Edward."
2: I love how the cuts in the curtain clearly make a nice shape in the curtain.
2: I love how the animation pulls the apple down and it resurfaces as a real apple.
2: HAHAHA I love Pip's (failed) game of charade with Prince Edward. "It's good."
2: My sister said the face on the caramel apple is a death face, she said the first time she watched it she said it was so gross as a dripping apple.
2: HAHA I forgot the apple landing on the cyclist's helmet.
2: @48 minutes "That's How You Know" Patrick Dempsey's remarks are great.
2: HAHAHAHAHA Prince Edward: "Giselle!" ::begins singing:: ::crash::
2: Also Patrick Dempsey's expressions.
2: LOLOL Caramel apple burns away the cyclist's hair.
2: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA "Be careful it's poisonous."
2: HAHA "It's chewing off her face."
2: Haha "The pizza's breathing."
2: Isn't the water boiling? He just dips his hands in.
2: I like how her question fuels itself, "Is that all you can say, no?"
2: HAHA "I'm angry!" ::slap:: That's so interesting...
2: UGHOH!! Pip poops.
2: Jon McLaughlin's "So Close" @1 hour 22 min.
2: I like how Nathaniel has redeeming qualities.
2: HAHAHAHA "I don't know what melodramatic means but..."
2: Now this ending is done right and magical!
2: I love the pop-up book style and just all the happiness.

Special Features Watched:
2: Fantasy Comes to Life
2: : Happy Working Song
2: :: Many parts with the pigeons and the rats are real. Other props and effects used were also made to be real. Interesting to watch.
2: : That's How You Know

Watched 1st half 20091222, 2nd half 20091224 (DVD)
Watched 20110617 (DVD)
Enchanted (2007) Kevin Lima. 107 min.

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