Madame Web (2024)

The movie wasn't the worst, but it was very underwhelming. The movie spent too much time in the wrong places. In particular, the ending felt rushed. Madame Web is a cool character once developed but the backstory should perhaps be ignored or told in a shorter format. Similarly, the three teenagers as a team would be fun to watch, but not through this backstory. Actually, having said all that, this film would have been better as a mini series or full television series. Furthermore, it should start with the team already together, do some cool action episodes, and then at some point do a prequel season into their backstory.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 94% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs down.

Rating: 2.0/5

Instant Comments:
what an awkard start. she talks as if the baby is doing something to her
spider people
huh. they have a spider bite her
seems dramatic... I've never seen people not stop for an ambulance
the one spider looks like the one in the character from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
he's upset about something he walked into
her chest compressions seems so gentle
seeing the future and affecting it... implies what you saw was not really the future, only some vision that alters your actions to what really ends up being the future (relative to the time before)
this guy was gonna kill them in public? he wasn't even disguised...
"that's your emergency, that" (oh I feel like the ironic part is that his spider would be the one that gives them powers)
why would he attack the cops and not attack his targets?
hmm... strange. in her line of work... it doesn't seem like she would abandon people in need
oh ok... just a vision
huh. the past. interesting
psh. a variation of Spider-Man quote. "when you take on the responsibility. great power will come"
but his point is valid. how can they hide for two weeks
not due for four weeks... that's what... two weeks premature? [40 weeks is likely the usual tracking time... so 4 weeks is 36 weeks in, and the cutoff is 37 weeks
did she have a vision to know to go through the wall like that to hit this guy? Also... it seems he jumped into the vehicle when he could have stayed down under the ambulance
that's pretty cool. I suppose that using such a power for the first time in a time of need is possible, but not as common a trope as accidentally using such a power and then honing it
her eyes seem glazed over. she was probably blinded by the strike
hehe ("all the fun and none of the responsibility") "that's what he thinks"
meh. the kung pao chicken and the bless you was cheap and they were surprised by it?

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Madame Web (2024) S.J. Clarkson. 116 min

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