Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023)

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Huh. Is that the guy from Loki?
Hahaha. "Thank-you, Spider-man."
Huh. Anchor Brewing. I feel like... I would not have expected a branded product
Is he dreaming? Because this all sounds unreal even if he's an Avenger
Hahahaha. Hahaha. Not only his book reading but very funny portion
Does Cassie not keep her suit on her?
Hmm... to be fair, if Janet had been more communicative perhaps they wouldn't have gotten in this mess. Also she keeps saying she'll explain, but there's no time to explain, and yet there seems plenty of time to explain
Hehe. "Was that a... good stab?"
Probably drinking the ooze will allow him to understand them
Hehe. Thinks about it a moment. (I would have to as well; 7 holes)
The Conqueror
Hehe. The "brocoli" hits on Hope
Hehe Bill Murray is this Krylar fellow
Yeah okay. So she was holding back. Lame. Though I guess she isn't so good at it which is why she didn't use the suit earlier. Though I guess the suit doesn't protect you from damage
Hehe. Scott gives Cassie a tip ("jump and tap")
Huh, I don't remember how this guy got banished to the Quantum Realm
The face on M.O.D.O.K. seems unnatural
"And then, what are you going to do?" "Win"
Oh. She still had her Wasp suit.
Did he create all the other life or was that already there?
I don't get it. How is the whole thing the engine, and yet the important part is in the center [after they shrink it, it seems perhaps the idea is that only the middle part can be affected]
This idea of a probability storm is kind of cool.
Hehe. Working together like ants (Cassie reached out to Scott)
"How are you doing that?" "I'll tell you how. We all want the same thing"
Baskin Robbins Scott is part of the tower!
Baskin Robbins Scott falls and says "Sorry, buddy"
Hmm. How was it that Kang was able to telekinetically move Scott and now he asks to take it [oh okay soon after he does in fact take it with telekinesis]
Hehe. Hank's ants are gonna save him?
With such power, it doesn't really seem possible for Ant-Man and the Wasp to take down Kang, at least not directly.
"Holy shit. THat's big!"
Hehehe. Veb. "I have holes!"
Huh. Why does a giant running feel so slow? Are they just emphasizing the thumps against the ground?
Hahaha. "It's never too late to stop being a dick."
Nice. A big version of jump and tap.
Why exactly did Kang need a big version of the multiverse mechanism?
She didn't get nearly as tired as Scott got after his first use of giant
"You.... you talk to ants."
Holy. This is a cool twist. Hank Pym coming in super powerful with all the ants.
Hehe. "My name is Darren. And I am not a dick."
Darren's head looks more natural here.
Huh. Doesn't seem like a great idea to go back. If Kang hitches a ride.
Wow. I did not see that coming. And while this ending is touching, I feel like there should have been more effort to the ants apprehending Kang
Huh. Well that was unexpectedly easy ("Let's go home.")
After main title scene, there are three Kang's that are talking and one says he summoned them all. I guess it's kind of interesting that they exiled the Kang of this movie as opposed to just outright kill him.
Post-credits: Loki!
Somewhat different than usual "returns": "Kang will return"

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