Over the Moon (2020)

I finished the movie today. It had a decent end. Overall, the movie was simple and lacked the extra magic that would be found in a Pixar movie. With that being said, I like that this film had many musical numbers.
Instant Comments:
1b: Resuming. They are getting pulled up in space.
1b: Well technically the moon just reflects the light of the sun. Not sure if it makes sense to be claimed as the brightest star
1b: Hahaha photo op
1b: Lol he won the match, and he hit her nerve
1b: Pause where Gobi says please please pleaseeee wait let me finish
1c: "I want my sister!" (felt a teary feeling rush up to each eye)
Watched first quarter prior to 20220416, second quarter 20220416, second half 20220609 (Netflix)

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