Winnie the Pooh (2011)

20210916, 20210918:
Watched Winnie the Pooh with Ben.
Winnie the Pooh (Jim Cummings)

20211015 Comment:
I learned that Craig Ferguson was the voice of Owl.
Eeyore (Bud Luckey), Kanga (Kristen Anderson-Lopez), Roo (Wyatt Hall), Rabbit (Tom Kenny), Tigger (Jim Cummings), Pooh, Piglet (Travis Oats), and Owl (Craig Ferguson)

Instant Comments: 1a: Paused after Tigger tried to join with Eeyore to catch the Backson
1a: It's interesting how owl is the smartest, but not completely.
1a: A foil to Pooh's innocent and helpful attitude.

Eeyore sympathizes with Pooh

1b: Resume Pooh. Eeyore escapes from Tigger.
1b: Lol, Owl is able to fly out but no one notices, including himself
1b: I like Eeyore, I think I'm mostly an Eeyore (Eeyore comes up to Pooh in sympathy of the honey flying away)

Piglet cuts the rope into six pieces.

1b: Haha. Eeyore's tail as the bell rope
1b: Pooh priortizes the tail over the honey
1b: The end credits portrays the stuffed animals reenacting various scenes, perhaps not unlike if Christopher Robin were playing in his room
1a=20210916, 1b=20210918

Pooh with Christopher Robin (Jack Boulter)

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