Only Murders in the Building

Overview: Three occupants of the The Arconia, an apartment building in New York, come together to get to solve the death of another occupant, Tim Kono. Brought together by their common interest in a true crime podcast, Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short), and Mabel (Selena Gomez) set out to start one themselves called "Only Murders in the Building."
I finished the second season of the series today and I really enjoyed it. The show did a great job of keeping me second guessing myself - so to some extent the plot wasn't as straightforward as I thought. In general, I find a good mystery story requires the reader/listener/viewer to stick around until the end, because not enough clues were revealed until the end.
Charles-Haden Savage (Steve Martin), Oliver Putnam (Martin Short), and Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez)

The show title comes in a moment where the one character says maybe they should do a second podcast and the other says, no no, only murders in the building.
The ending reveals she knew the victim... but the victim didnt show any sign of knowing her... did he not recognize her? How many years had passed for this to be the case? I feel as if people's faces dont really change much from what seemed like teenagers to late twenties early 30s.

Oliver, Mabel, and Charles digging through the trash looking for evidence

Hmm this second episode with the party was confusing. Implied at the end there was a murder.
But yeah what is with all the jewelry in the books.
This episode explains the reason Mabel and Tim pretended not to know each other.
20210925 AM

Mabel investigates

This third episode was mostly humorous.
I guess the one kid was blamed when Tim saw it was someone else. That someone else could be the serial killer. Though given the ending. How would such a person be so aware of the release of a podcast.
20210925 AM

Teddy Dimas (Nathan Lane) in Oliver's flashback


Charles meets Jan (Amy Ryan), a bassoonist

Episode 5 closes some plot points. Such as tie dye guy. And what all the jewelry might be about.
Technically Oscar can be lying but it would seem unlikely for the murderer to be him.

Mabel ready to stab someone who's been following her

Interesting. So there's a cover-up involved.
That's quite a plot twist with "Angel."
She told them about the phone, but I feel the part about the jewel is technically more important. Technically her omission of that can me more just what's interesting to the viewers than her actively omitting the information. Maybe both.

Theo Dimas (James Caverly), Teddy's son

Hehe. He breaks the fourth wall. "People talk way too fucking much in this city."
Interesting. So they're on the right track...
Oh wow... so that's the story behind the ring.
When they went into the basement, that's when I realized the episode was essentially a silent episode
Well to be fair. It did appear to be an accident.

Mabel, Oliver, and Charles in front of their investigation board

Brazzos. Safe word.
The way they're spinning it, maybe Jan is right after all

Fans of the podcast

haha. His stunt double, Saz Pataki (Jane Lynch), is a woman; much to the surprise of Jan
Hahaha. "What is this Face/Off"
Does getting Tarintino'd mean dying.
hehe. "I hated Tim Kono, but off, that man knew what he was doing."
Hmm. A bassoon cleaner... I feel like it still wouldn't make sense, if it was Jan, did she bring it over to use as a sex toy? I suppose in the other episode, that they had a safe word, it would suggest she's on the kinkier side.

Oscar (Aaron Dominguez)

I love the way she says that, "Excuse me? We weigh 125 *combined*." [I imagine they are average sized people that weigh about 125 each; in particular, I think the setup of the comment comes in the expectation that she would say "each" or "a piece" instead of "combined."]
Not currently what? After some thought, I would guess not in her room.
Interesting method of reveal.
Nice little reference. "Fields of Gold" by Sting.
"You really don't take the ride do you?"
Lol. That was poetic if it were real. Comedic nonsense.
Interestingly, only ten minutes left in the episode and we've yet to arrive at the beginning of the season.
So what we got is "loose ends," a mystery warning number, and somehow a new murder.

My reaction is that since it's part of the podcast, then any listener of the podcast is a suspect. If anything Mabel would be the last person to use a knitting needle to kill someone.
Smile. "Lawyer." + subsequent conversation
"You think you're Rodney Dangerfield?"
HA! "They cropped me out?! [...] I'm also involved in this."
HAHAHA. "I like your Beats."
I hadn't remembered what happened, but strange that Bunny was still standing. How does a murderer stab someone, and then get away with the victim still alive?
Amy Schumer
hehe. "wasting people's time"
hahaha "Uncle Brazzos"
hehe "it's not a cult right?" (and the person didn't answer)
HAHAHA. "The 'Charles' is silent"
So recapping, she had a secret elevator, the painting that was stolen has Charles Savage's father in the painting, she said "14" and "Savage" before dying

Hehe. Leonora (Bunny's mother) sniffs and looks and concludes none of them did it, but that they know something.
I feel like Amy finding the paiting is kind of a win
This bird will eventually unveil a clue. I guess I was a little surprised it didn't happen earlier. (in Bunny's will)
Did his dad murder the artist?
lol! "I know who did it"

Hahaha. Sloshing
"I can't believe this is my last day... as board president." (not gonna lie, the pause made it seem like she knew she was gonna die)
While Nina has a motive to take down Bunny, killing Bunny for the position seems extreme; I highly doubt it'd be her
hmm, so we get to see Bunny's final moments

Teddy's threat to Oliver
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. "...Vaseline on your rectum." I'm dying of laughter here
Whoa. Secret entry way.
Holy shit. That's intense. She barely survived. And she ended up not telling him. Though I suppose technically not much to tell.

So his talk with Jan points towards Alice. I feel like early on, it made sense to suspect Alice, but it was also too out in the open. As such... the show is doing a good job creating the ambiguity.
I don't get it. "Your tell is that you don't have a tell. You're just as uncomfortable as you look." Hehe. Innocent Blonde. There must be something about it though. He's played this game so many times... it's suspicious that he lost. Perhaps he was wrong within the scope of the game, but she was hiding something that caused her to panic and use her tell which he was right about on all other acounts. Also, his son's intro at the beginning of the episode (which suggests his father never lost).
Hmm. I feel like Mabel forgave Alice too quickly - even if she's innocent
:gasp: the Son of Sam card!
Aww. What an unexpected plot twist. That's sad.

Haha. Jan is so crazy, but it's so crazy it works kind of a tension breaker
HA! "I want soup!" Unexpected, but funny
Pataki (Jane Lynch) back.
Lol. She said it again, "Bet"
As Charles is telling them, the camera changes to a view so we can see a person approaching the trash can.
LOL. The package explodes and the person is surprised. Perhaps this was just a regular dumpster diver.
A nugget of C-4.
"Don't be too good at a job you don't want."
Hilarious. Love it. Pataki sent in to break up with Jan.
Hmm. Even if she didn't murder Bunny, this is some pretty dark, weird-ass shit
Huh. Why not change out of the glitter?

What does she mean "again"?
Hmm. Oh right, she needed to matchbook.
Pretty cool story about her unflipping and remembering the night with Bunny clearly

Well whoever is rattling the door it'd be a person different from the one who knows about the passage ways.
Ha. Everyone sings "Sound of Silence"
Hmm. Sneeze. Is it a coincidence that the one character who was allergic to cats had an allergy?
Interesting. Right. So there was Lucy, followed by possibly the killer, followed by Marv, and then the three of them.
Holy shit! Crazy can't get rid of glitter, hehe. But why would he also be working security at Coney Island? [explained at the beginning of the next episode]

He mentioned meeting a girl. So could go back to Alice.
Wait, did Alice ever mention her last name? Maybe Alice is a descendent of the artist Rose Cooper and she wants revenge for something.
Ooo. Blood sample! Even though she lost the matchbook which has blood, she can at least test the puzzle pieces against the knife.
Huh. A new thread on "Leonora Folger"?
Rose Cooper
Ooo. So he lied about his DNA test
I don't follow this chicken towel thing
"Because I'm Becky Butler"
Holy moly.

Hmm. Mabel says Cinda knew that Becky Butler was alive. Not necessarily
Poor Poppy (the true creative genius hidden behind Cinda; and gets no credit); but speaking of which, perhaps she's so genius she is the mastermind behind Bunny's murder
Charles approaching Cinda in slow motion. HAHAHA. Followed by everyone else. HAHAHAHA.
Wait a minute, whatever happened with the evidence from the detective
Bunny's asking price was 14 million... though Alice doesn't seem to have a motive to acquire such a painting
Poppy just sneezed.
HA! "I only real fainted once."
Hahaha. He barely said anything to Joy
Smile. Paul Rudd.
Huh. I don't get it. What was that about?

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