Luca (2021)

Watched the beginning of the film with Ben.

Luca Paguro (Jacob Tremblay)

Started back at the beginning with Ada and Ben.

Luca and Alberto Scorfano (Jack Dylan Grazer)

I finished the movie with Ben.

Giulia Marcovaldo (Emma Berman)

20211116 Comment:
I vaguely recall making comments or wanting to make comments after watching the first half of the film.* In particular, I thought it was inconsistent that earlier in the film, Luca and Alberto were jumping out of the water and transforming back and forth between their different forms with ease. However, I later rewatched that scene and it appears they had to get significant air time and/or put effort into shaking off the water in order to appear human.**

Ercole Visconti (center, Saverio Raimondo) with Ciccio (left, Peter Sohn) and Guido (right, Lorenzo Crisci)

*20211118: I found where I made the comment. It was made on 20210723.
**20211118: There's an argument that can be made that they can't possibly have dried off enough to fully turn human, but I suppose the movie magic of the scene is better than the possible consistency.
I watched bits and pieces of the movie while putting this post together. It amounted to watching about two-thirds of the film.
Instant Comments:
1a: He. A bit of inconsistency there. They turn into humans when they jump out of the water, but water splashing on Alberto's face keeps him changed. In other words, residual water on them as they leave the water should keep them fishes.
1b: continued at 55 mins.

Massimo Marcovaldo (Marco Barricelli)

1b: hmm.... a teary eye when alberto shows up under the umbrella.
1b: ha, the two old women.
1b: decent ending

Lorenzo Paguro (Jim Gaffigan) and Daniela Paguro (Maya Rudolph)

Watched first half 20210723 (Disney+)
Watched first third 2021072X (Disney+)
Watched remaining 40 minutes 20210727 (Disney+)
Watched various parts 20211116 (Disney+)
Luca (2021) Enrico Casarosa. 95 min

Luca jumps out of the water and the air begins to blow the water away from him - he's transformed all but his feet

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