Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Overview: Tanjiro Kamado's family is killed by demons except for his younger sister Nezuko who is cursed to become one - though somehow appears to retain aspects of her humaness which gives hope to Tanjiro to turn her back into a human. As part of this, Tanjiro trains with Sakonji Urokodaki to become a demon slayer.

Tanjiro Kamado

20210403 AM:
in the morning of today, like around 2am. I started watching the first five episodes of demon slayer. Ada recently finished the anime - it was introduced to her from her coworkers. 10:17 PM

episode 3. the end was like, hmm so why did he slice through the boulder when he thought he sliced through the mask. but they revealed the answer at the end of that episode.

episode 4. was cool because that seemed like a tough demon and the whole boulder thing seemed relevant. though I guess it makes the whole selection process somewhat random and unsafe. like compared to goblet of fire where a contestant could get killed but there were guardrails to prevent it where possible. basically, there should exist a tap out option.

Nezuko Kamado

regarding the randomness, like a candidate can get through without meeting a particular demon. also certain demons are just getting stronger, so probably those that are too strong should be eliminated. also he reached the end as if there was an end. I thought the thing was timed as a seven day survival, not a journey to reach some end...

anyways, the plot twist was that there were 5 finishers instead of 4. presumably one finished much earlier than the others. again, that's different than what seems to be set out as rules. oh, the whole scent thing becoming more useful is interesting. also basically that he appears to have a gift to interact with the dead? his brother rescued him awake to be conscious and the whole thing with his training... 10:28 PM

Zenitsu Agatsuma

episode 5 was interesting in that he smelled his ore and that his color turned black. though wasnt the sword handed to him by his teacher also a demon sword. did that change color? did he have an advatage there over other contestants? given the number that made it out, it would seem that the rigor of training of initials contestents is lacking. like is there a lack if standard when it comes to knowing what it takes. shouldn't these candidates be exposed to a single demon or two in the wild first... it seems like some sort of buddy or big brother big sister system would be more useful 10:33 PM


20210404 AM:
hmm. if he has a wife how does he have time to travel so far to the middle of nowhere to feast. also I guess the vampiric idea of turning never made sense to me. that muzan can just swipe to turn someone is even more ridiculous. 1:14 AM

I was reading up and I guess the lore is potentially about adding good members... because... maybe you need to fight those that hunt you. like a gang. there's a need to grow and add members otherwise the police fbi etc would catch everybody. 1:25 AM

Inosuke Hashibira

hehe. second form improved. lateral water wheel. not sure how it got around the arrow business but sure, lol 2:08 AM

the beginning of the next episode somewhat explains how Tanjiro handled the arrows. he said he collected the arrows. he seems fine for a broken leg and ribs lol. ah, right, Nezuko viewed them like humans. 2:30 AM


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