Green Eggs and Ham

first two episodes of green eggs and ham. it's decent. some rhymes. some references to Seuss books. somewhat strange story. hahaha, the ant says I can't even see it. 6:32 PM

lol. I watched several more episodes. in each episode, somewhere in it there's a line from the book, e.g., "would you eat it with a fox," "box," etc. and Guy refuses. The last episode I watched was Box (episode 6). 6:54 PM
next episode. haha Oh, the Places You'll Go. haha, the escape is a parody of The Shawshank Redemption, the narrator imitates Morgan Freeman. 7:24 PM

the other day it was the "goat" episode and I can't remember but there was something predictable, oh yeah that his mother didn't really forget to close the door. but at the end, the bad guy realized that Sam is like a green eggs and ham addict. "house" episode today: hahaha, most likely to try. 5:46 PM

ah, Sam needs the bruckles to fly to Chickeraffe island. but how will he get the Chickeraffe back. ah, that other creature came to mind but the yellow look definitely made me think it wouldn't be. satisfying end. 7:18 PM

20210124: Episodes 1-7
20210126: Episodes 8-9
20210127: Episodes 10-13

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