Overview: A half-demon named Inuyasha and a girl named Kagome (who is the reincarnation of a priestess named Kikyo) team up in feudal Japan to recover the shards of the Shikon Jewel.

Ada was watching InuYasha and I joined while she was watching S2E18. She said she watched two episodes before that (S2E16 and 2E17). The battery ran out. 10:14 PM

Ada watched up to S2E20. I'm going back to watch missed episodes (S2E04-S2E05).

Ada was watching an episode, but I wanted to sync up, so I had us go back to S2E20.

Ada and I finished the second season today.

Today I went to investigate if I missed out on any episodes.

The first possible episode I didn't yet see was Episode 38 / S2E11. For the most part, I would say I don't recognize the episode. However, it feels like she's told her friends about Inuyasha before.

For Episode 39 / S2E12, I also didn't recognize the majority of it. I did recognize some of the later portion of the episode, but that is likely because it was recapped in the following episode.

Meanwhile, I recognized the plot summary of Episodes 40 to 41.

The last episode I watched for the night was Episode 42 / S2E15. At first I recognized clips from the first part and thought I saw the episode already. But upon skipping to the middle, I found that I didn't see the episode yet, so I went back to the beginning of the episode.

20210411: S1E01-S1E06
20210412: S1E07
20210413: S1E08-S1E11
20210417: S1E12-S1E15
20210420: S1E16-S1E21
20210421: S1E22-S1E23
20210422: S1E24-S1E25
20210427: S1E26-S1E27

20210428: S2E01-S2E03 (28 to 30)
20210511: S2E06-S2E10 (33 to 37)*
20210514: S2E13-S2E14 (40 to 41)**
20210518: S2E18-S2E19 (45 to 46)***
20210521: S2E04-S2E05 (31 to 32)
20210523: S2E20-S2E23 (47 to 50)
20210526: S2E24-S2E27 (51 to 54)

20210809: S2E11-S2E12, S2E15 (38 to 39, 42)
20210910: started S2E16 (43)
20210913: finished S2E16, S2E17-S2E18 (43 to 45)

*The note I sent and the Netflix history don't align. I've encountered situations where I type in the next episode number but didn't watch the episode yet. In this case I would just have to give the benefit of the doubt to the note. Ruling: S2E10 was seen on 20210511.
**The Netflix history for 20210514 records S2E11-S2E15 (38 to 42). But I later determined I only watched episodes 40 to 41 (with Ada watching episodes 38 to 39 without me).
***The Netflix history for 20210518 records S2E16-S2E19 (43 to 46). According to my notes, it's likely that I haven't seen episodes 43 and 44 (S2E16 and S2E17, respectively). In 202109, I confirmed not having seen episodes 43 and 44. I also confirmed that I already saw episode 45.

Episode 31 / S2E04:
1: before they started talking, I thought about how Myoga is a wealth of information that we almost don't question. but in reality it's curious where he learns so much and often times conveniently divulges the info at the last minute.
1: haha scared of a worm but not of Jinenji... does seem peculiar.
1: hmm interesting ending with Inuyasha s feelings on being alone - it's not too far from how many of my foreign student colleagues felt or feel. I suppose even I felt like that at times. perhaps every person can feel alone in their own ways from time to time. for me, I often felt like different groups enjoyed hanging out with me, but seldom did I hang out with just one group compared to others and I had wondered if I was alone, this was at my first high school. but by the end of the second high school I definitely had more of a one group situation 5:05 PM

Episode 33 / S2E06:
1: Outcome is that Naraku is a half-demon.

Episode 35 / S2E08:
1: "you compelled me to save a human life today"

Episode 38 / S2E11
1: Haha. "I can't tell ya, it's a man-to-man promise."
1: Chuckle. Sorry for breaking the alarm clock.

Episode 42 / S2E15
1: "The arrow is made out of soul."

Episode 43 / S2E16
1b: I don't remember why I didn't finish the episode. Probably fell asleep. Resumed before kids hiding in the haystack
1a=20210910, 1b=20210913

Episode 44 / S2E17
1: I don't understand. Inuyasha never had the Tetsusaiga before, but was fine. [JP: Tessaiga, EN: Tetsusaiga]

Episode 45 / S2E18
A: Everytime I watch Kagura fly away spinning, I just can't help how ridiculous it looks.

Episode 48 / S2E21
1: I thought they would both enter the well.
1: interesting story by her mom.
1: I wondered if her grandfather is through her mom or her dad. 10:20 PM

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