Christmas Inheritance (2017)

Ellen Langford (Eliza Taylor) is the heiress of a gift company. As a favor to her father, the CEO, Ellen makes a visit to Snow Falls to deliver a letter to his business partner Zeke. She must, however, go with only $100 in cash and go incognito (no one must know she is Ellen Langford). While initially dreading the trip, she begins to embrace it and learn a few things.

Watching this movie, I couldn't help but crack a bunch of jokes. For example, I thought it was silly that the protagonist showed nearly no restriction of her emotions given that she had a fiance. This flaw is made worse from the fact that the movie failed to clearly illustrate why her relationship with her fiance might in any way be broken.

Ellen Langford (Eliza Taylor)

While the majority of the plot was silly (and the big picture was predictable*), the ending was admittedly decent.

Overall, I'm unfamiliar with the genre and I would never pick to watch this type of movie on my own. As such, I would also have trouble recommending it (and I would equally have trouble not recommending it) - at least when it comes to everyone. I would not recommend it to anyone who generally doesn't touch romantic comedies, especially because this movie isn't that funny.

*The protagonist will end up leaving her fiance and falling in love with this guy.

Jake Collins (Jake Lacy)

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