Kevin Hart: What Now? (2016)

20171211, 20171212:
When I first started this special, I was surprised to see a comedy spy story preface the actual special. In the end, I actually enjoyed the spy portion much more than the actual special itself.

Kevin Hart

My lack of enjoyment for the special may have been to one or a combination of the following factors:
1) I've never seen Kevin Hart perform a special before.
2) I've never seen a single Kevin Hart movie.
3) I'm not entirely a fan of his style of humor.
4) His style of humor seemed dependent on delivery and his energy.*
5) Excessive and/or forced references to earlier jokes.

Sold out stadium.

Overall, if you enjoy humor that's based on a lot of energy or already a fan of Kevin Hart and his style of humor, then you'll probably enjoy Kevin Hart: What Now? However, if neither of the previous two conditions apply, then perhaps it's just better to stay away.

Netflix determined the special for me as a 82% match. I decided to give the special neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

*I love how he brings so much energy to his performance. That doesn't necessarily make his jokes funny, but I commend him for it all the same.

Money Berry (Halley Berry)

Instant Comments:
Movie Part
1a: "You got the package?"
1a: Subtitles.
1a: Hotel Rwanda.
1a: House of Cards.
1a: Iron Man.
1a: Ha. Pi.
1a: "Convenient room with clothes that fit Kevin Hart"

The Don (Don Cheadle)

Comedy Special: (starts at about the 17 min mark)
1a: Makes it funny via good deliver. But I'm not sure the topic itself was funny.
1a: Shiver with one shoulder.
1a: His straight leg bit was pretty good.
1a: His usage of lights and the screens is awesome.
1a: Pause at 35 minutes. Which seemed to be the end of that whole bit.
1b: Ha. His long hypothetical line.

Kevin Hart

1b: Actually same side will probably propel you forward without turning.
1b: Ha. Peppermints.
1b: Hahaha. Peppermints half-eaten.
1b: Haha. "Cyrus"
1b: Haha. "Shut the fuck up." (his voice is enough)
1b: Throws some references in but they don't click for me. There's a lot of laughter though. (Dad in the car, raccoon, Cyrus)

Hart makes great use of lighting and screens in his special.

1b: Her mouth is gonna be numb, right.
1b: Yep.
1b: Haha. "CSI ain't gonna find these."
1b: Lol. They cut to a woman shaking her head after he talked about raw-butting the toilet seat.
1a=20171211, 1b=20171212

Watched first half 20171211, second half 20171212 (Netflix, Instant)
Kevin Hart: What Now? (2016) Leslie Small, Tim Story. 96 min

Agent 0054 (Kevin Hart)

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