To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

Watched 20150331 (Netflix, Instant)
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) Robert Mulligan. 129 min [botnotsn (1960) by Harper Lee]

Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck)

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Calpurnia (Estelle Evans) scolds Scout

While To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a common high school reading book, I never came across it myself* and the movie has been on my to-watch list for quite some time.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the film and I actually kind of want to read the book.

*I went to a different school after 10th grade and I believe that school uses th book for freshmen English class.

As of 20180510, Netflix determined the movie for me as a 89% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

Instant Comments:
Ha. So panicked that he just left his pants.
Holy shit that gunshot.

Boo Radley (Robert Duvall)

[So it happened quickly, but apparently Scout was trying to explain to her teacher about Walt's financial situation and got scolded for it]
"It's a sin to kill a mockingbird." (37 min)
The things you don't know about your parents...
That music is spooky (after Atticus drives away)

Jem, Scout, and Dill (John Megna) watch the case from the colored section

Neat, two slabs of ice.
The trial begins halfway through the movie.
Very clever. Right Eye + Left-Handed.
I like how the judge knew that was the aim of having the witness write.
"No, I don't recollect if he hit me. I mean, yes. I do, he hit me."

Scout (Mary Badham)

What? Seriously? "Feeling sorry for someone" is a bad thing? [The comment is made more as my shock to the difference in culture between the setting of the plot and today]
Damn, that verdict...
Such reverence.

Jem (Philip Alford)

Well if the Sheriff says so...
"Well... it would be... sort of like shooting a mockingbird, wouldn't it."

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