Justice League: War (2014)

Watched 20160309 (Netflix, Instant)
Justice League: War (2014) Jay Oliva. 79 min [aft story Justice League: Origin (2011-12) by Geoff Johns, Jim Lee]

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20160309: [20160331]
While not a huge fan, I've always enjoyed watching film and cartoons based on super heroes (I've also read a couple of stories here and there).

Super Man / Clark Kent (Alan Tudyk)
Thankfully, much to my delight, Netflix will often feature several DC Universe Animated Original Movies on its Netflix Streaming service every so often.

In any case, getting down to the movie, the movie's pacing was a bit rough around the edges.

Cybork / Victor Stone (Shermar Moore)

Of course, introducing a team of characters in under one and a half hours is not an easy task.

However, the little interactions between the different heroes, such as that between Cyborg/Victor Stone and Captain Marvel/Billy Batson, was definitely fun to watch.

Batman / Bruce Wayne (Jason O'Mara)
Overall, I would emphasize the movie's action and would recommend the movie based on it. In particular, those that have enjoyed other DC Universe Animated Original Movies would almost surely enjoy this movie as well.

Remark: I later watched Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013) which was released before this film and references it.

However, in that movie the Justice League was already formed and in this movie they have yet to meet. I guess the reference is more of a teaser. This movie, however, does have a direct sequel: Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (2015).

Flash / Barry Allen (Christopher Gorham)
Instant Comments:
Gets saved... doesn't say thank you.
"Batman? You're real?"
Lol. Your glowstick.

Captain Marvel (Sean Astin) / Billy Batson (Zach Callison)
Interesting that Superman also knew Batman was Bruce Wayne. [Oh wait, x-ray vision]
I didn't realize Shazam was part of the Justice League.
What, I didn't notice how she got onto the plane.

Wait, she can fly?
"You're strong." "I know."
Why does Earth have so many heroes?
Hahaha. "Hey... Barry. You got a little something on your nose."

Green Lantern / Hal Jordan (Justin Kirk)
"Is that your boyfriend?" "No" "Cool, watch this."
I'm glad Darkseid isn't as overpowered as I initially thought he'd be.
Haha. The Super Seven.

Wonder Woman / Diana Prince (Michelle Monaghan)

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