Prometheus (2012)

This is a great sci-fi movie that I understood much more on the second viewing. In particular, I would like to watch it again.


Instant Comments:
What a sacrifice... all in the name of creating life.
Some quote near the beginning about kills you that David repeats.
I choose to believe.
"There was nothing from a desert ... " - David
Haha, why the suit... "Not too close I hope."

"Prometheus, are you seeing this?"
That's pretty cool technology. Though I wonder what algorithm insures efficiency when it comes to mapping as most as possible.
Those beings are so tall.
"Congratulations on meeting your Maker."
"I'm attempting to open the door." [...] "Oops, sorry."
Oh, that was the head.
"This is just another tomb."
The stupidity of a scientist.
"Mortal after all."
"Big things have small beginnings."
Oh, I was wondering why he was drinking. Apparently it's because he didn't get to meet his maker.
"We made you cause we could."
And who made them?
"...are you a robot?" "My room... 10 minutes."
"It's beautiful." [...] "She is beautiful." Lol. Not even... that's the fucking equivalent of a cobra or a rattlesnake. Would you fucking approach a rattlesnake in real life?
And... that's what you get.
Well... at least he knew his fate.
It was creepy when he was doing it. It was super creepy when he said it: "I watched your dreams."
Her use of the surgical pod is definitely one of my favorite scenes in the film.
Any scene with her during the surgical pod or after is a good screenshot.
Wait, is Guy Pierce the old guy? [Yes]
Is it known what David says to the Engineer?
Why did the Engineers create this biological weapon to kill humans?
Ironically, the [?]
I like the bravery of the two other guys.
"If you think this means the bets off, you're wrong." "Haha, why don't you pay me on the other side."
Hehe. Hands up.
Hmm. Yeah, why did they run along the path of the ship?
Honestly, if they needed to kill Theron's character, there could have been different ways to do it.
Damn. That thing grew massive.
"I don't want to go back to where we came from. I want to go to where they came from."
"... I deserve to know why."
That's ironic. "I don't understand." "Well that's because I'm a human being and you're a robot." Well, she doesn't understand her maker's choices just as he doesn't understand his maker's choices.
Why look! It's a cute baby alien!

Released 20120608.
Watched once in theaters.
Watched 20160301 (American Airlines, in flight entertainment)
Prometheus (2012) Ridley Scott. 124 min

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