Man of Steel (2013)

As of 20170314, I don't remember much about this film except for the notes which I took below. My notes and the lack of any memorable moments suggest I didn't like the film. It currently has a 7.1 on IMDb and consequently I rated it a 6. However, I read a review which suggested the film is more likable on further viewings. Unfortunately, not every film has the opportunity to be viewed twice, especially by the average viewer. In the end, I will have to keep my rating and impression as they are until perhaps I one day watch the film again.

Instant Comments:
The beginning was over the top and had an excessive amount of CG [though rewatching it after the movie ended, it felt less noticeable]
The part with Clark saving the oil tanker was more reasonable
This movie was nonstop (from when Lois leaves the ship with the escape pod)
LexCorp tanks.

Watched 20151128 (Blu-ray or DVD)
Man of Steel (2013) Zack Snyder. 143 min

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