Man of Steel (2013)

As of 20170314, I don't remember much about this film except for the notes which I took below. My notes and the lack of any memorable moments suggest I didn't like the film. It currently has a 7.1 on IMDb and consequently I rated it a 6. However, I read a review which suggested the film is more likable on further viewings. Unfortunately, not every film has the opportunity to be viewed twice, especially by the average viewer. In the end, I will have to keep my rating and impression as they are until perhaps I one day watch the film again.

I decided to watch this film again today. I was hesitant because I remember not enjoying it, but I wanted to watch Batman v Superman and I felt that watching this movie first would make Batman v Superman a better viewing experience.

With that being said, it wasn't so bad as I had remembered. The action was great, but the story felt rough around the edges.

On 20240103, Netflix determined the movie for me as a 98% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.
Instant Comments:
2: Am I wrong in that she'll never get to see him grow up if they didn't launch him... so might as well send him away to give him a chance
2: He spent a lot of time inside when he goes outside and he says "bring that ship down"; if that was an option then he should have done it sooner
2: What? I'm confused... what's happening. Where are they sending Zod? Why did they have to send Kal-El away... If their planet is being destroyed... what is the purpose of punishing Zod in this manner? [An answer on Quora seems to suggest that some time had passed between Zod being sent to the Phantom Zone and the end of Krypton, and that the coucil had not believed or known that the planet was doomed]
1: The beginning was over the top and had an excessive amount of CG [though rewatching it after the movie ended, it felt less noticeable]
1: The part with Clark saving the oil tanker was more reasonable
2: Huh. Would such a tower be difficult for him to lift. He was straining...
2: What a bad teacher. Why didn't she have the kids stay in the classroom?
2: Hehe. Messed his truck up...
2: While it may differ throughout different tellings, I like the implication that Superman's flight is achieved through some sort of force his body is able to exert on his surroundings.
2: Wow. That's powerful. I don't remember that at all.
2: That's big emotional stability to not fight back despite his strength
2: "Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first. The trust part comes later."
2: Oh. I was about to ask what happens to Superman on space away from the sun. Wouldn't he weaken?
2: Zod explains how their "damnation became their salvation"
2: This Kryptonian explains Kal-el's powers have been neutralized by this ship
2: Jor-El addresses her by name... how?
2: Good thing she's a good shot; with that being said, it seemed like in both situations that the Kryptonians could have fired on her well before she turned to fire on them
2: Smile. "Move your head to the left."
2: How does Zod resist Superman's superhuman punches [later in the film they are firing on Faora and it seems her suit is bulletproof so that must have been protecting Zod; though the physics are questionable... even if it doesn't hurt, it's not clear that they would simply ricochet without some show of impact]
2: "A good death is it's own reward"
2: It's amazing that in this telling, that the world's first exposure to Superman goes hand-in-hand with all this destruction (the world engine or whatever is wreaking destruction on Earth)
2: Hmm. This scientists explains the Kryptonians are terraforming... but Superman wouldn't have had these ships to do the terraforming... how would he have resurrected the Kryptonians using the codex?
2: Superman asks Lois to step back but I recall that earlier in the movie he lifted off nearby some soldiers...
2: "Krypton had its chance!"
2: He repeats her line back to her. "A good death is it's own reward."
1: This movie was nonstop (from when Lois leaves the ship with the escape pod)
1: LexCorp tanks; 2: gasoline tanker with LexCorp on them
2: "Where did you train? On a farm?"
2: He did want to kill Zod if he didn't have to, but Zod's threat to kill the people forced his hand to kill Zod.
2: That cry...
2: I see... in this case she already knows who Clark Kent is...

Watched 20151128 (Blu-ray or DVD)
Watched 20240103 (Netflix)
Man of Steel (2013) Zack Snyder. 143 min

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