Pinky and the Brain

With the series set to leave Amazon Prime on 20151028, I was unable to complete it. This was largely due to the fact that I was prioritized my viewing time for Animaniacs, which was also set to leave 20151028.


20210724 Comment:
Today I was looking through the list of episodes on Hulu to watch any episodes I may have missed. In going through Season 1, the episode order was the same except Episode 8 and 9 are reversed. That is, on Hulu, Episode 8 is "Snowball" and Episode 9 is "A Pinky & the Brain Christmas." However, Wikipedia agrees with the Christmas episode coming first. What's interesting is that the Wikipedia article reveals some addition segments. Instead of just "Pinky & the Fog"/"Where No Mice Has Gone Before"/"Cheese Roll Call" below, Wikipedia lists "Pinky & the Fog"/"Bubba Bo Bob Brain" and "Where No Mice Has Gone Before"/"Win Big"/"Cheese Roll Call".

Today I finally watched all the episodes of Pinky and the Brain. Overall, the series is fun for it's cultural references. I don't get many of the references and occasionally I'll look it up and learn something. However, I think I found about half of the stories to be uninteresting and/or repetitive.

20170316 Comment:
Each entry begins with the following "{EpisodeNumber} A_{AmazonEpisodeNumber} {EpisodeSegmentTitle1}[/{EpisodeSegmentTitle2}[/{EpisodeSegementTitle3}]]".

S1E01 A_S1E01 Das Mouse*
*References Das Boot
1:I thought he says "Zort" at the end of the opening credits, but he says "Narf!"
1:"What is Narf?" "It's like Zort! Or Poit!"
1:Ha. Pinky randomly changes WHOI to NARF.
1:I haven't seen Das Boot, but this episode is probably a parody of it.
1:Brain would be a hawk, catch mice, and feed them to his young.
1:Hah, I didn't see that coming.
1=20151013 A

S1E02 A_S1E02 Of Mouse and Man*
*References Of Mice and Men
1:In the credits there's mention of THX1138.
1:Oh, in the ending credits I noticed Steven Spielberg was the Executive Producer, and today I noticed the show's title reads "Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky and the Brain."
1:Lenny Parvik got me $300. (parodies Larry H. Parker commercials)
1:"Sigmund Freud would have a sports day with you Pinky."
1:Brain's suit.
1:"Do you ever
1:"Now I know how American Gladiators stays on the air."
1:The Fermi-Dirac function.
1=20151013 B

S1E03 A_S1E03 Toyko Grows/That Smarts/Brainstem
Tokyo Grows
1:Lol. Pinky was speaking all weird.
That Smarts
1:Pinky still says "Narf" despite being smart.
1:Hehe. They're both dumb.
1:BRAINSTEM! BRAINSTEM! to the tune of "Camptown Races"
1=20151013 C

S1E04 A_S1E04 Pinky & The Fog/Where No Mice Has Gone Before/Cheese Roll Call
Pinky & The Fog
1:The writers - people who nobody pays attention to (they're locked up)
1:Hehe. A little slapstick humor in this episode.
Where No Mice Has Gone Before*
*References Star Trek
1:"...try to take over Frunobulax."
Cheese Roll Call
1:This song only featured Pinky.
1=20151013 D

S1E05 A_S1E05 Brainania
1:Pokes fun at American education, specifically their lack of knowledge in geography.
1:Lol, the check.
1=20151013 E

S1E06 A_S1E06 TV or Not TV*
*References Hamlet.
1:The WB
1:"I'm two."
1:They pitch a stereotypical sitcom.
1:"Star Hunt" (Wow, I totally forgot about "Star Search")
1:"The same thing we do - for real - every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world!"
1=20151013 F

S1E07 A_S1E07 Napoleon Brainaparte
1=20151013 G

S1E08 A_S1E08 A Pinky & The Brain Christmas
1:An alternate opening theme song plays. It has a holiday twist.
1:The voice of the female pilot sounds like Petunia from Futurama. [It is and her name is Tress MacNeille. Her voicework is extensive and includes various Disney cartoon series, English versions of Miyazaki movies, WB cartoon series (e.g., Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs), Futurama, and The Simpsons]
1:Big smile. "Now try to look like me." Pinky excitedly runs a couple dolls down and strikes a Brain-like pose, complete with sagging cheeks and a Brain-like frown and lowered brow.
1:"But Brain, where's your Christmas spirit?" "Stashed away with my Bigfoot photos."
1:Hehe, he suddenly reads it.
1=20151013 H

S1E09 A_S1E09 Snowball
1:They looked a bit like Ren and Stimpy.
1:"Gene Splicer & Bagel Warmer"
1:"Tonight we must save the world!" "Save the world?" "Yes! So we may take it over tomorrow night."
1:"The world's richest nerd, Bill Grates."
1:They're video conferencing in the same film.
1:Snowball's suit is decked out a little bit like Iron Man's suit.
1:Hehe. His Achille's heel I guess.
1:"Same thing we didn't get to do tonight, Pinky. Try to take over the world!"
1=20151013 I

S1E10 A_S1E10 Around The World in 80 Narfs
1:Haha. "How close are we too the ground Pinky?" Referring to the shape of Italy on the map, Pinky replies "It looks like a foot."
1:Smile. He does all the forbidden gestures.
1:Ha. The rocket takes them across the Pacific Ocean.
1:Hehe. Silly ending.
1=20151013 J

S1E11 A_S1E11 Fly
1:What. Pinky can levitate the fruit with his hands. "It comes and goes."
1:Quotes Pee Wee Herman, "I meant to do that."
1:How is Brain able to control the arms of the suit?
1=20151015 A

S1E12 A_S1E12 Ambulatory Abe/Mouse of La Mancha
Ambulatory Abe
1:Abe Lincoln says, "Narf"
1:"What color is your belly button?"
1:I'm not sure if this is considered an anachronism or not. Lincoln died in 1865 and assuming Pinky and the Brain wee living in 1995, one would have to be over 130.
1:"Come Pinky." Something falls on him. "Well, you know."
Mouse of La Mancha*
*Parody of Man of La Mancha
1:A parody of Don Quixote. [Technically it's a direct parody of a musical called Man of La Mancha, which is based on Don Quixote]
1=20151015 B

S1E13 A_S1E13 The Third Mouse/The Visit
The Third Mouse*
*Parody of The Third Man
1:"There was a third mouse."
1:"What do you know?" "The lyrics to ???"
1:Ha. Liposuction.
1:"One of those Dots is waving at us." Dot from Animaniacs waves at them.
The Visit
1:Pinky references Planet of the Apes.
1:Like father, like son. "Don't make me separate you."
1:"What are we gonna do tomorrow night, try to take over the world?" "No, my parents have invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner."
1=20151015 C

S2E01 A_S1E14 It's Only A Paper World
1a:Lol. Their paper mache world is incredible.
1b:Is that David Letterman? "And the number one reason Chia Earth is better than [...]... Free shirts!"
1b:The real Earth gets destroyed. "Same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over Chia World!"
1a=20151015 D
1b=20151017 A

S2E02 A_S1E15 Collect 'Em All/Pinkasso
Collect 'Em All
1:Gutenberg's printing press.
1:Police Academy 4
1:"Your [...] for anagrams borders on savant."
1:Ha. The Pied Piper.
1:Lol, pink and chewy is suppose to be bubble gum, but Brain packages the cards with sausages.
1:Haha. Dot is at the exhibit and says, "Very cute."
1:"Fickle, aren't they?"
1:"...Perhaps we should sit out a night."
1=20151017 B

S2E03 A_S1E16 Plan Brain from Outer Space
1=20151017 C

S2E04 A_S1E18 The Pink Candidate
1:They sure do like Abe! The statue also made an appearance when something blew up.
1=20151017 E

S2E05 A_S1E19 Brain's Song
1:"Pinky, Barney is not a real dinosaur."
1:Hehe. Parodies The Lion King, but with tigers instead of lions.
1:One of the pigeons from the Goodfeathers. Or at least drawn like one. I suppose all pigeons in this world look the same.
1=20151017 F

S2E06 A_S1E20 Welcome to the Jungle
1:"Hakuna matata." - Pinky
1:"Or I shall confound you with quadratic implausibles!"
1:Haha. Pinky has hardcore survival instincts.
1:"Ah stick, we hardly knew ye."
1:"Brain, are you pondering what I'm pondering?" "We eat the box?" "No, we build a boat and then we eat the box."
1:"Knock, knock" "Well that's not very funny is it."
1:"But 1.99, are they out of their minds?" References old Denny commercials.
1=20151017 G

S2E07 A_S1E21 A Little Off the Top/Megalomaniacs Anonymous
A Little Off the Top
1:"If Jimmy cracks corn, and no one cares, why does he keep doing it?"
1:Haha. Sometimes you wonder which of the two is smarter.
1:"Poit, aren't you gonna ask me if I'm pondering what you're pondering?"
Megalomaniacs Anonymous
1:" hurting the ones I... tolerate."
1:Steven Spielberg is at the meeting.
1=20151017 H

S2E08 A_S1E17 The Mummy/Robin Brain
The Mummy
Robin Brain*
*Parody of Robin Hood
1:Robin Hood
1:Ha. "The Mighty Ducks."
1=20151017 D

S2E09 A_S1E22 Two Mice and a Baby/The Maze
Two Mice and a Baby
1:Parody of Superman.
The Maze
1:Ha. Jalapeno kick.
1:Wow, so smart. "I wish we had a map."
1:8 Track Steppenwolf
1=20151017 I

S2E10 A_S2E01 Brain of Future
1:"I'm starting to feel just like Tia and Tamara" (the Mowry twins)
1:Yay, a consistent timeline. Well, almost. For whatever reason there are duplicates.
1=20151017 J

S2E11 H_S2E11 Brinky
1: "You've got a mail."
1: Haha. "They grow up so fast."
1: Why doesn't Brain make a new clone of himself?
1: Including an address when you don't want to be found."
1=20210724 A

S2E12 H_S2E12 Hoop Schemes
1: "Remember when they told Michael Jordan he couldn't play baseball." [Apparently Michael Jordan's baseball career might be different from what people perceive, see this story]
1: John Lee Hooker!
1: Ha! "That's what Michael Jordan told me when he wanted to make 'Space Jam.'"
1: "Brain had a big head, and he was conceited too."
1: Hehe. He was actually very close to taking over the world in a figurative sense.
1: Chuckle. "Try and ditch Dudley Bore." 1=20210724 B

S3E01 H_S3E01 Leave It to Beavers/Cinebrania
Leave It to Beavers
1: Little Rascal, Alfafa
1: Five hours and halfway done!
1=20210724 C

S3E02 H_S3E03
Pinky & the Brain...and Larry
1: Smile. "and Larry"
1: Mildly humorous episode.
Where the Deer and the Mouselopes Play
1: References Bambi. "Mother, why is it so still on the meadow?"
1=20210724 E

S3E03 H_S3E02 Brain Noir
1: Specifically bribed with midnight decoder rings.
1: Why did Brain climb the fence? Haha. His intelligence has its limits
1: A reference to Planet of the Apes: "get your hands off me you damp dirty hamster" 1=20210724 D

S3E04 H_S3E04
Brain's Bogie
1: Cher-ware.
1: "I love it when you're ironic, Brain." ("Pinky, do you know what obsession is?")
Say What, Earth?
1: "Try to take over the moon."
1=20210724 F

S3E05 H_S3E05
My Feldmans, My Friends
1: Smile. Pinky asks Brain what if it hits the side.
1=20210724 G

S3E06 H_S3E06
All You Need Is Narf
1: "Feebles" instead of "Beetles"
1: I learned from this episode that Yoko Ono makes experimental art.
Pinky's Plan
1=20210724 H

S3E07 H_S3E07
This Old Mouse
1: Pinky sings a song to the tune of "Make 'Em Laugh"
1: "Ski instructor"
1=20210724 I

S3E08 H_S3E08
Brain Storm
1: Smile. "Pinky, stop it."
1: "Try and take over Oz!"
1=20210724 J

S3E09 H_S3E09
A Meticulous Analysis of History
1: Pinky points out what they all have in common, Brain included: failed.
Funny, You Don't Look Rhennish
1: "Rhennish" = "Amish"
1: Smile. "Midnight Barn Raising"
1: How many barns do they need to raise?
1=20210724 K

S3E10 H_S3E10
The Pinky Protocol
1=20210724 L

S3E11 H_S3E11
Mice Don't Dance
Brain Drained
1: "We don't have enough bananas."
1=20210724 M

S3E12 H_S3E12
Brain Acres
1: Smile. "You two are a perfect team. A vegetable and a carrot."
1: "If the plural of mouse is mice, wouldn't the plural of spouse be spice?"
1: "And Maurice" at the very end.
1=20210725 A

Pinky and the Brainmaker
1: Smile. It was just a dream?
Calvin Brain
1: That's a good one. "Charlie Sheen's house?"
1: Smile. Pinky does a parody of "I'm Too Sexy"
1: I think this version of Barney has been on Animaniacs (unless this is his first appearance)
1: Michael Jackson!
1=20210725 B

S3E14 H_S3E14
Pinky Suavo
1: While it makes sense that the machine go wrong by transforming Pinky instead of Brain, it's not clear why both of them thought the machine wasn't working (e.g., why did Pinky try to save Brain?)
1: "They gave Brooke Shields a sitcom."
1: Pinky saves the day: "Nyee! Nyee!"
1: Smile: the contents of the secret vault are innocuous, but that Brain won't ever know must annoy him
1=20210725 C

S3E15 H_S3E15
The Real Life
1: Oh wow, so I was curious where "The Real World" belongs with respect to reality TV and according to Wikipedia "[it] is credited with launching the modern reality TV genre."
1: Why is it that he didn't just broadcast the record using the TV show broadcast equipment?
1: Maybe they could have just returned the dish to recover the $10K...
1=20210725 D

S3E16 H_S3E16
Brain's Way
1: Wow, Brain has the framework redone. Reminds me of the scene in Aviator where Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio) has various parts of his film redone which is really expensive.
1: "Danke Schoen" [This song was released in 1963][Oh wow, I didn't realize this song was sung by a male artist. But the more that I listen to the recording, I can kind of hear the voice of a young Justin Bieber;]
1: The real mobster here has got to be this grandma.
1: [Apparently Frank Sinatra ws called "Chairman of the Board."]
1: Sounds like a parody of Frank Sinatra's "My Way"
1: "Now that's 'Amore.'"
1: "Mouse pack" instead of "rat pack"
1: Ha. Why was Pinky put in charge of installing new games?
1: They refer to Wayne Newton as "Dwayne Fignewton" (Danke Schoen)
1: "Long and winding road"
1: Wait... Brain owns ACME Labs?
1=20210725 E

S3E17 A_S2E20 A Pinky and the Brain Halloween
1:I decided to watch the Halloween special.
1:Rhythmic gymnastics.
1:"How do you like dem apple?"
1:I bet he doesn't stand a Snowball's chance in... Hades.
1=20151027 21:00-21:21PT

S3E18 H_S3E18
Brainy Jack
1: A dig at the Academy Awards.
1: "Are you transpondering what I'm transpondering?"

S3E19 H_S3E19
Leggo My Ego
1: Hehe. A look into why Brain wants to take over the world.
Big in Japan
1: "Snow White and the Seven Samurai"
1: Hehe. Of course this Matsuhisa weights 601 pounds.

S3E20 H_S3E20
But That's Not All, Folks!
1: "Sister, Sister"; I watched much of that sitcom
1: Hehe. All the patterns in advertising.
1: Fitting ending (Brain makes up a response which is more believable than the truth)
1: "Where's my pizza?"

S3E21 H_S3E21
Operation: Sea Lion
1: Pinky's speaking sea lion wrong can't possibly end well
You Said a Mouseful
1: Haha. "I told you before, Pinky, that isn't a commercial, that's CNN."
1: Intuitively, I feel as if the physics still wouldn't work out. If everyone jumped...
1: Great set of tongue twisters.

S3E22 H_S3E22
The Tailor and the Mice
1: This skit was so weird.
Bah, Wilderness"

S3E23 H_S3E23
Pinky at the Bat
1: Smile. So they end up winnig.
Schpiel-borg 2000
1: Smile. Twist. Pinky was insight a suit
1: Many movie references. 1=20210923

S3E24 H_S3E24
Broadway Malady
1: Hehe. They spout a bunch of rhymes for June, but don't realize it. Concluding with "What rhymes with spoon?" followed by "No, it doesn't." followed by changing the month to April.
1: Ha! Items rhyming with June and it concludes with "April"

S3E25 H_S3E25
The Megalomaniacal Adventures of Brainie the Poo
1a: Smile. A parody of Winnie the Pooh. I happened to watch that movie the other day.
1a: Pinky is Piglet.
The Melancholy Brain
1b: It turns out it was an actual play.
1a=20210923, 1b=20210924

S3E26 H_S3E26
Inherit the Wheeze
1: "Yes, but at least I'm not inhaling";
1: A parody of Lucky Charms

S3E27 H_S3E27
Brain's Night Off
1: Hehe. Natural leader.
Beach Blanket Brain
1: Hehe. Sea chimps.

S3E28 H_S3E28
The Family That Poits Together, Narfs Together
1: Xena

S3E29 H_S3E29
Pinky's Turn
1: Haha. The coin.
1: Hehe. Poor Pinky. Doing so well and spoiled by Brain.
Your Friend: Global Domination
1: Casablanca

S3E30 H_S3E30
You'll Never Eat Food Pellets in This Town Again!
1: Huh. Apparently the character Billie is played by Sheila whos is Brain's wife.
1: It was just a dream; though some of it appears to be real.

S3E31 H_S3E31
Dangerous Brains
1: Smile. Pinky is a high school graduate.

S3E32 H_S3E32
Whatever Happened to Baby Brain
1: Shirley Temple?
Just Say Narf
1: Parody of "Make 'Em Laugh"
1=20210926 AM

S3E33 H_S3E33
The Pinky P.O.V.
1: Interesting. This segment explains some things. It didn't always feel accurate, but the concept was neat. Felt a bit like the movie Being John Malkovich
The Really Great Dictator
Brain Food
1: Smile. A change in "Are you pondering..."
1: Was this made before The Expendables? Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and Sylvester Stallone. 1=20210926 AM

S4E01 A_S3E16 Brainwashed, Part 1: Brain, Brain Go Away
1:References "Good Idea, Bad Idea" segment of Animaniacs.
1:"They're pork pie, the pork pie and the fez, fez, fez, fez, fez!"
1=20151027 21:28-21:49PT

S4E02 A_S3E17 Brainwashed, Part 2: I Am Not A Hat!
1:3.5" floppy disk!
1:"It's hard to tell with temps."
1:"It's hard to tell with college students."
1:"It's hard to tell with Pinky."
1:Brain is locked up with a mask like Hannibal.
1=20151027 21:49-pause-22:17PT

S4E03 A_S3E18 Brainwashed, Part 3: Wash Harder
1:Hehe, Snowball goes back through the gene splicer.
1=20151027 22:17-22:38PT

S4E04 A_S3E19 To Russia... With Lab Mice/Hickory Dickory Bonk
To Russia With Lab Mice
1:Mousey Galore.
1:Hehe, the Sean Connery James Bond.
Hickory Dickory Bonk
1=20151027 22:39-23:00PT

S4E05 H_S3E38 The Pinky and the Brain Reunion Special
1: Hehe. These two writers are made to have Pinky and the Brain's personalities.
1: Larry makes a cameo at the end

S4E06 H_S3E39 A Legendary Tail/Project BRAIN
A Legendary Tail
1: "Big Johnny Brain Jones Peachpit Bill Boone Crockett" (Johnny Appleseed, Pecos Bill, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett) 1: "Little Pinky Flea Pie Waffle Shoe Clamhead Chris"
Project Brain
1: Sensory deprivation tank
1: Menagerie of failure: thigh master, cold fusion, Bob Dole for president, David Caruso movie career, Ross Perot, Sylvester Stallone comedies
1: shiny pants

S4E07 A_S3E22 Star Warners*
*Parody of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi
1:Hehe. The opening is the lyrics of the theme song that scroll like the Star Wars opening.
1:[Mini fridge]
1:-Funny vacuum cleaner man.
1:One of the longest why sequences.
1:Haha, garbage can and the toaster.
1:"Cranky she is. My Aunt Slappy she is."
1:"The Face is strong in this one."
1:Chapter THX
1:Baloney is in the pit
1:"Umm, I think so Brain-2, but a show about two talking lab mice? It'll never get on."
1:Oh, that family is a parody of The Jetsons
1:Great ending to the Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain.
1:"3-Pinky, 3-Pinky and the Fridge, Fridge, Fridge."
1=20151027 23:07-23:30PT

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Pinky and the Brain (1995-1998)

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