Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

While I have a date associated with having seen this movie in theaters, I'm not aware of any notes existing for it.

Instant Comments:
2: Huh. Some of this looks too fake. I'd probably prefer less flashy in favor of more real looking.
2: "Shit." "Language."
2: Huh. Is the convenience of not being in the suit worth the risk
2: beats
2: Hmm. Captain America points out that their situation of volunteering to become enhanced for their country is analogous to him and others like him volunteering to become Super Soldiers for the United States.
2: Hahaha. He tells the story to a regular cround "boom you looking for this" and they laugh
2: Hehe. Stan Lee's cameo. Excelsior
2: I distinctly remember this conversation. I don't remember why it didn't work out
2: The hammer budged a little with Captain America (and it gives Thor a little surprise. Interestingly it didn't seem like Cap noticed
2: It's curious why Ultron created a body as opposed to just inhabiting an existing build. Though I think it's interesting that the build was so scrappy. Perhaps it had to be custom built to contain himself.
2: Banner identifies Ultron's choice to destroy Jarvis as a form of rage (because he finds Ultron could have easily chose to assimilate, and further Banner is familiar with rage)
2: Hmm. Stark's intuition is that their attempts weren't close and it must be something else. Simultaneously he believes they needed to work on defense (but he was definitely affected by the vision given to him by Wanda)
2: Ultron managed to iterate a lot on this new body compared to the initial one
2: Huh. This accent is thick. How did she lose it along the course of the films? [I read it was asked to be lighter in Civil War where the assumption was she's been in America for some time, and then it was suppressed in WandaVision to blend in as an American, but returns to some accent in Multiverse of Madness when no longer inside the world of WandaVision.
2: The Wakanda dealer. Is this the first ime we see him? [according to the Wiki, yes. Ulysses Klaue makes his first appearance here]
2: Huh. Not sure that makes sense. He directly said "I'm afraid I'm not that afraid." And then she said "Everybody is afraid of something." Now if he had said, "I'm not afraid of anything" then her reply would have made sense.
2: He cut off Klaue's arm...
2: It's interesting how emotional and sarcastic Ultron is
2: LOL. Tries to catch the hammer.
2: Hehe. "I've done the whole mind control thing. I'm not a fan."
2: Hehe, a suit for his suit.
2: Hehe. Literally. "Veronica, give me a hand."
2: Wow. Their fist colliding resulted in a (sonic?) boom that spread out.
2: Hehe. "How quickly can we buy this building?"
2: Oh interesting. So he did have a family after all. (Earlier in the movie he pretended he didn't even have a girlfriend - though to be fair technically it is true he did not have a girlfriend)
2: Hehe. She said she can feel the difference (when it was claimed by the scientist that a person familiar with his body, e.g., a girlfriend, wouldn't be able to tell)
2: Huh. Poor Banner. But with Natasha's reply... Well I guess the writers are playing with us.
2: Ha. "Don't take from my pile."
2: Huh. Interesting. "The worst part is that you didn't." Interesting considering how Endgame ends.
2: Smile. "Steve doesn't like that kind of talk"
2: Hmm. Poor Dr. Cho. She could have been more discrete about it perhaps.
2: Oh, she's alive.
2: Smile. "Cap, can you keep him occupied?" "What do you think I've been doing?"
2: some internal fighting (precursor to Civil War)
2: I don't remember whose side Barton is on
2: Oh I didn't remember how Vision came to be (apparently Thor was key after disruption by Steve and Pietro)
2: I remembered this happening in some form so it was not so surprising (Vision lifts the hammer, but I think its believed since he is not necessarily worthy but closer to inanimate so magic doesnt apply. like if the hammer is on an elevator, the elevator necessarily would lift the hammer [oh, apparently they have this conversation towards the end of the film so that's probably where I got it from])
2: Clint's pep talk to wanda is good
2: haha "What you think I cant hold my own" "if we get through this I'll hold your own"
2: hehe. "oh for God's sake" - Ultron as Hulk comes to pull him out the ship
2: huh. if Thor came so soon after the center was triggered... well... why didn't he prevent the drop in the first place
2: Oh I see. I definitely didn't remember this being the point where Banner took off (leading up to Thor: Ragnorak).
2: "You're unbearably naive." "Well. I was born yesterday."
2: Had to rewind to catch this. Barton's new child is named after Natasha and Pietro, but since it's a boy (a point made earlier in the film), his name is Nathaniel. Well, I assume the point of Nathaniel is a reference to Natalie.
Steve Rogers: But if you put the hammer in an elevator?
Tony Stark: It'll still go up.
Steve Rogers: Elevator's not worthy.
2: Hehe. Cutoff. You can see he begins to mouth the beginning of "assemble." I probably didn't notice before. ("Avengers...") [Looking it up, the line is well-known in the comic universe, but with respect to the MCU, it is first referenced in this moment, and lacked any further references until it's first full utterance in Endgame]
2: Mid-credits scene. "Fine, I'll do it myself" (I guess this implies that Thanos was responsible for helping bring Ultron to life - as Stark had hypothesized he and Banner were not close to the solution [a Reddit thread points out this as well as some other pieces of evidence; of course, in addition to the evidence, the local context of the scene is that Ultron was the last villain in the line of options to fail (preceded by Loki and Ronan)])
2: No post-credits scene.

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Watched 20150513
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