Bill Nye, the Science Guy

After watching the first episode, I said the following: I'm not sure I'm young enough for all this ADD-type of show. Either that or I'm feeling tired. In the end, I watched the whole episode, but it was definitely different from what I remember.

Bill Nye, the Science Guy

I was going through my draft posts and came across this sad remnant of a post which contained a viewing of a single episode. As such, I put the effort in to watch a couple extra episodes, because it was, after all, one of the best shows on television.

S1E02 N_C1E01 Earth's Crust
1: "Each your crust, Ritchie."
1: Lol. "Ritchie, you should of eaten your crust!"
1: Whoa, this pop song about the Earth's crust (parody of Madonna).

S1E06 N_C1E02 Gravity
1a: "It just keeps pulling and pulling me down."
1b: "An old, I would say ugly, lamp."
1b: Lol, I forgot about these songs. [Apparently they're all parodies. This one is a parody of "Twilight Zone" by 2 Unlimited"]
1a=20170316, 1b=20170317

S1E07 N_C1E03 Digestion
1: It's made out of Erector pieces!

S2E04 N_C1E04 Chemical Reactions
1: "Hi, I'm Sinbad, and I'm made of chemicals."

1: "You might need an adult to help you." "I guess that'd be me." "Yeah, sure Bill."
1: That homemade fire extinguisher is pretty cool.
1: Narrator mentions "Brownian motion"
1: Vivian Cupcake. [I never wondered about Vivian Cupcake as a kid, but I wondered today, and it's actually Bill Nye himself!]
1: The credits list the guest stars, but not the scientists.

Vivian Cupcake (Bill Nye)

Bill Nye, the Science Guy (1993-1998)

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