The Invisible Man (1933)

I personally didn't like this movie much. In part, I recall reading the beginning of the book and the movie didn't meet my expectations with respect to how I imagined the protagonist.

However, if you enjoy classic horror films, then The Invisible Man should be good enough to consider watching.


Instant Comments:
I wonder if they only had to use a green screen.
Such aggression.

That woman and her scream is undeniably the same actress as that in The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), Una O'Connor.
[paused about halfway in to go to the gym]
I'm not so interested in this movie. Maybe it feels dated to me.

I suppose the romance part is a bit interesting.
Damn, he's just plain crazy. And its interesting, since he wants to undo his invisible state, but if he does that, he makes himself vulnerable.
Dr. Kemp definitely didn't approach the situation correctly. Oh well.

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The Invisible Man: Special Edition (1933) James Whale. 71 min [botnotsn (1897) by H. G. Wells

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