The Lady Eve (1941)

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The Lady Eve (1941) Preston Sturges. 94 min [bots Two Bad Hats by Monckton Hoffe]

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While I enjoyed the characters and individual pieces of the story, I had trouble understanding the movie as a whole. In my opinion, the romance between the main characters in the movie is utterly blind and absurdly ridiculous.

Thankfully, the movie pulls itself together with the humorous ending line: "Positively the same dame." Furthermore, I think the movie was overall enjoying to watch and I would recommend this movie to anybody looking for a solid romance.

Instant Comments:
Huh. This actor's voice sounds familiar. Oh, he was Abraham Lincoln in Young Mr. Lincoln (1939)! In fact, he's Henry Fonda and he's been in three other movies I've seen: The Grapes of Wrath (1940) (Tom Joad), 12 Angry Men (1957) (Juror #8), and Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) (Frank).

Ha. Here commentary is delightful.
Wow. I'm really curious about how this movie will end. One ending that would seem unlikely is that Charles (Henry Fonda) has the skills to be a swindler. The more likely ending would be that Jean falls in love with Charles.
"A snake!" Haha.

"I like him, too."
Ha. That back and forth of card underhanded card tricks.
Damn. Winning five in a row is suspicious. Assuming a fifty percent probability of winning, the probability of winning five in a row is less than four percent.

What a tragedy, when your dirty profession poisons your romantic life.
"I want him to ask me to be free."
Haha. That ending is a bit sudden, but I'll throw them a bone for the very last line. "Positively the same dame."

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